Hey, I’m Tina Foster.

I teach meditation and meditative movement.

I help people create practices that fit their unique temperament and skill set. My clients discover how meditation can flow seamlessly + in real time throughout everyday life. They also learn how to grow their practice as they grow.
I show people how the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation work from “spiritual” as well as scientific/ psychological standpoints. 
I also design courses and other tools, as well as write books and articles.

You might work with me:

in online videos
in a corporate room
in a retreat center
in your favorite yoga studio
in my private studio on Mission Street in San Francisco


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65222_10151774939973832_1962874436_n“Tina’s energy is like- whoah. I knew when I first saw her she had been very courageous in her life. Her compassion is fierce and her talents go way beyond teaching and meditating. The Force is definitely with her.” — Shane Perkins, Yoga Studio Owner, Baja, Mexico