Hey, I’m Tina Foster.
I’m passionate and creative. I show up.

I Guide and Mentor people in meditation– including meditation teachers and guides.

I design innovative, meaningful and fun meditation programs and courses.

I’m also the Author of The Meditation for Non-Meditators Book Series and online portal for meditators.  MeditationForNonMeditators.com

In addition to working with me online or digitally, you might work with me in a corporate room, a retreat center, your favorite yoga studio or my private studio on Mission Street in San Francisco. I serve both individuals and groups, including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and non-profits.

Here’s a link to a recent Huffington Post article about my work in large companies.

Beyond helping people learn to meditate, I inspire people to see their meditation practice as a journey, no matter how skillful (or not) they might feel they are. I help people shape their own practice that flows seamlessly through their everyday life, so that sometimes they feel like they’re always meditating– and other times their practice feels so effortless, they wonder if they’re doing it right.

I call this work Meditation-Mapping and Inner Life Design.

In April 2014, I launched the online blog and portal for modern meditators at www.MeditationForNon-Meditators.com, which has quite a bit of interesting meditation-related content and serves as the home for many of the programs I create.

My most recent book is The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion.

I’m also the creator of The Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience, a virtual course that is aa way to practice Yoga Nidra while also learning about it from yogic, psychological and scientific points of view.

I’ve been called a “Meditation Geek”, “Spiritual Provocateur”.

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