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TinaFosterHi. I’m Tina Foster

This is my Home Base on the web.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for:

  • fresh, meditative yoga & mindfulness techniques
  • thoughtful, well-crafted things like my eBook “Meditation for Non-Meditators: A (Forever) Beginners Guide



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Quick Links:

  • Meditation eBook ”Meditation for Non-Meditators”
  • FREE digital materials for meditation, such as guided meditation audio recordings
  • In my San Francisco yoga studio: private yoga, mentoring & Thai massage
  • Workshops & Meditation Retreat: June 7 Yoga Nidra, July 11-18 Land of Medicine Buddha, Sept. 6th Yin & Yoga Nidra in Nevada City, CA
  • In local studios: weekly yoga classes San Francisco
  • Corporate Programs: Want to enrich the culture and creativity of your workplace? I lead meditation at Gap, Inc. headquarters and other companies.

Looking for my professional bio? See Influences.

For my Background Story, see My Story.

tina foster restorativeAre you looking for:

  • A meaningful yoga practice that’s more than Adult Physical Education?
  • Guidance that’s about getting in shape physically AND as a whole person?
  • A real person instructor who’s on the path WITH you, sharing what they’ve learned with passion and insight?
  • Someone who’s relatable, accessible and truthful?
  • Whose teaching draws equally from decades of practice as well as well-seasoned life experience completely outside of yoga and meditation practice?
  • Whose teaching is about your unique self and what works for you, rather than her unique self and what works for her?

Showing up | Authenticity | Creativity

If so, welcome to my home on the web. Relax, make yourself at home.

My passion: Cultivating Consciousness by Drawing it Down to Earth.

What does this mean?

  • I believe consciousness is closer to us than we think.
  • That we don’t have to become someone else to feel it.
  • That it can be a part of our everyday existence.
  • You know that momentary taste of mystery on the yoga mat and the meditation cushion? It’s meant for every day life.
  • Meditative Yoga, meditation practices & mindfulness techniques are ways to get really close to who you truly are. And you can find a practice that lives with you, that fits you, rather than taking on someone else’s practice.

Are you ready to stop postponing spiritual life? Want to begin now, letting it be simple and natural? Nothing to aspire towards, nothing to become. You are really THAT already. You know it, right? Yes, you do.

I teach the full spectrum of meditative yoga with an emphasis on the meditative element. Notice I didn’t say meditative SIDE.

(There is no meditative side in yoga. It’s more than P. E. (physical education.) All forms of the practice are nourished by the meditative element and are about turning inward to nurture the Inner Guide.)

I help people unearth their meditative yoga mojo in a way that surprises them.

Whether I’m teaching classes, leading workshops, retreats, working with a private client, or developing corporate programs, I’m thinking about how to help people Slow Down as a Way to Wake Up. In a way that’s fun, easy, and even kind of sexy.

Yep, meditation is sexy. Don’t believe me? Let me help you let your meditative hair down.

Who Is Meditative Yoga For?

YOU. If you desire more than simple exercise.

If you want to explore your energetic self, not just muscles and bones.

I work with yogis-to-be and yoga teachers, meditators of all levels.

It’s not about BECOMING something, it’s about BEING more of who you really are.

What’s the Current Edge of My Work?

Not so much about getting the world to try yoga. That’s being done very, very well already.

I’m encouraging yogis to get into the world. To talk about things other than yoga as part of their yoga.

To be whole by exploring all their interests as part of their practice. To be business-people, work in high-tech, get fired up and go into politics, be artists (that make art that isn’t just about yoga), academics (that study disciplines other than yoga and spirituality)…

…to find the yoga in the yoga but also THE MEDITATIVE YOGA IN EVERYTHING ELSE.

If your passions are stirring from reading this, or you’re having an aha moment or this is just what you’ve been looking for….MEDITATIVE YOGA. Let’s get together and figure it out.

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