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Workplace Meditation.

Meditation is changing workplace culture.

The company and employees share the benefit.

Here's a Huffington Post article about my leading-edge corporate meditation work.

I've guided meditation in rooms packed with employees at any number of Fortune-500 companies including the headquarters of Levi-Strauss and Gap, Inc. (where I taught for 4 years). I've worked with smaller groups seated around a single table at start-ups and non-profits.

My meditation classes are fun, restore calm, focus and heighten awareness. I especially love to tailor-make meditation experiences to suit the unique needs of each company I partner with.

I also work privately with executives in support of their individual intentions and refinement of their skill set.
“Her meditation guidance feels non-dogmatic and comfortable for us in a corporate setting, yet is truly spiritual. Plus, she guides us in a way that nudges us along, challenging us a bit more every session but also feels accessible –and sometimes even easy– during a 30 minute work break.”
M Valentine