10 Days of Lovingkindness

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10 Days of Lovingkindness

a FREE virtual course that will guide you in daily heart-centered practice and living. 

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Tuesday, March 1st – 10th
Join us. It’s easy. 

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The Details:

  • 3 guided audio Lovingkindness practices (w/ video intro)– a new one every few days.
  • a simple email each day that takes 5 minutes or less to read, with an exercise or contemplation that can be done in an average of 5 minutes and/or activities you can do throughout the day as you do your work or whatever you have planned. 
  • daily emails will also have options to go deeper into your practice if you’re inspired to do so

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How to join:
Click this link. Then just pop your name and email into the form and confirm your registration via an email we’ll send you. 

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This journey will be: 
Easy, seamless, light and fun.

Also, a chance to get real with yourself about how to make space for more self-love & self-compassion. Like clearing out a dusty room in your heart-home.

Some of the activities you’ll get in the daily emails will inspire your creativity and invite you to be playful.

Some are more practical, helping you integrate More Heart into the technology working within your life.

See more clearly how your life is actually ALREADY primed for ease, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and love. 

And– during this 10 day period, you can contact me via phone or email with any questions or support that you need! FREE. 

There are no deadlines, appointments or targets to hit in this course.

Open the emails at your leisure, when/where you’re ready. 

How does that sound? I hope good. Here’s the link to join.

Why not treat yourself to some love, care and compassion?

And remember, we start Tuesday, March 1st.

Here, once more is the link to join. Just pop your name and email in the form, then go to your inbox and confirm your registration in an email we’ll send you.

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With Heart,

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Tina Foster, Creator & Guide for “10 Days of Lovingkindness”