Welcome to Inner Body Experience Meditation

What is Inner Body Experience? 

Turning awareness and concentration inward, to movement inside the body; directing attention towards the “Subtle Body” or “Energy Body”; feeling thoughts, emotions, body sensation on their most essential level as moving energies, as life-force at work, rather than as context or meaning
Who is Inner Body Experience easiest or most natural for?
  • Body oriented types of people such as athletes or physical artists like the dancers
  • tactile people
  • people aware of body sensation
  • people naturally capable of interiorizing their attention and directing their attention into specific body locations
Who is Inner Body Experience is most challenging/most helpful for?
  • people who are detached from their body due to health issues or trauma
  • non-athletic or non-expressive with body as a medium
  • people with body image issues
How you’ll benefit from practicing Inner Body meditation:
  • nurture your body
  • target health issues
  • get your mind and body working together again
  • notice how your thoughts and emotions feel in your body
  • heal physical trauma
  • live less often “in the head”
  • be more present
  • love your body
  • feel grounded rather than flighty and indecisive
  • feel more radiant in your body
Your Guided Audio Meditation, Inner Body


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