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2 Meditations for Summoning Spring: Snowglobe and Spinal Tap

springtime med collage

The term somatic (from the Greek σωματικός) means ‘of the body’—relating to the body. So, we experience the mind as well, but as an integral part of the body.

 What these practices will do for you:

  • Help you shake-off wintertime doldrums and lethargy
  • Get stuck energy moving
  • Bring a sense of spontaneity 
  • Ground your attention into the center of your body from head to toe
  • Deepen and refine the breath
  • Calmly refresh mind, body and mood 
Do these practices:
  • individually or together, beginning with Snowglobe
  • for a duration of seconds, minutes or hours  
How to practice SNOWGLOBE:
crazy movement
  1.  Standing up, begin to move about randomly as fast as you can. Begin to move spontaneously. Jumping, twisting, thrashing, waving arms, kicking legs, whatever feels right. It might feel like dancing or like you are just SPAZZING OUT.
  2. Pause movement once you’re tired or winded, whichever comes first, bringing attention to the BREATH, and carefully lay down on the floor or a mat. You are warm, having stoked your inner fires. As you relax, tension melts away. sava
  3. The breath might be pretty erratic. Gradually, gently, with each breath, help it to slow down, deepen and become SMOOTH. Don’t force or rush this refinement, do it 1 breath at a time.
  4. Also, notice your ENERGY. It’s  still jumping around just like the body had been doing. Just like a snow globe that’s been shaken.
  5. Continue to watch with affection and curiosity. As the breath becomes slower and more grounded, the energy does the same– like the flakes in a snow globe SPARKLE as they fall to a resting place.
  6. Enjoy body, breath, energy, calmness, awareness as one.
How to Practice SPINAL TAP:
  1. Stand up, feet hip width apart, arms at sides, eyes closed.
  2. Exhale, visualizing the air in your body moving out into the world.
  3. Inhale, visualizing energy moving into your chest, arms and to the tips of fingers.
  4. Exhale, visualizing energy being sent out into the world.
  5. REPEAT as many times as you like.
  6. Then, deepen. On an inhale visualize energy moving through chest to fingertips, but also down through the torso into legs, feet and to the tips of the toes.
  7. On the exhales, send the energy from the toes and fingers back up and out into the world.
  8. Just breathing up and down the axis of your spine, sending energy to and fromfingers and toes. Drawing energy from the world and sending some back. Just like a plant draws energy from the air, sun, water through its head, stalk and down to it’s roots. Then giving energy back. Tappings its roots, sharing oxygen, fragrance, beauty, pollen, nutrition etc.
  9. Then reverse the direction. Draw energy from the earth, up through your roots towards your head, which is like the blossom of the plant. Then breath it back down into the earth, as if enriching the soil. Then again, drawing that nourishment back into the feet and up.
  10. You’re expressing breath and body in all the ways the 5 elements (air, earth, fire, water, and ether) act in harmony to grow a living thing while balancing your energy, body temperature and mood.
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