ABOUT ME. I'm a Meditation Teacher, even when teaching yoga postures & movement. 

I create unique and effective meditative experiences.

Join me in classes,  private sessions, workshops, retreats, online or in your workplace.

I'm based in my private San Francisco studio. 

I began hatha yoga three decades ago and have taught in many places since then.

I'm an expatriot Southerner who has been called a teacher's teacher, a meditation alchemist and a spiritual provocateur.

Not just on-- but beyond my mat and cushion. This means my mat & cushion are life-laboratories.

I practice how I want to live.
YOU. I meet you where you are. We become partners in pursuit of your vision. Not sure of your vision? I'll help you find it.

We'll create practices that fit you and your skillset like a glove, that flow seamlessly through your everyday life and grow alongside you.

I want you to practice with confidence, be comfortable experimenting and to be forever curious.

Contemplative Practices. Yin Yoga. Breath. Restoratives. Yoga Nidra. Mudra. Inner Yogas.

I teach 1-to-1 and groups of all sizes.

I also make online courses and other virtual experiences.

The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck is my first physical product.
My passion:: translation of wisdom teachings into contemporary tools that are offered worldwide.

I'm a creative, a catalyst for change and a truth-seeker, so I get extra excited when my clients and students are these things as well.

I honor the truth of who you are and am committed to helping you align your best thinking, deepest passions and most inspired actions.

I believe that personal and social change unfolds as one. 

Practical magic beyond the mat and cushion into the messiness of life for the benefit of you, everyone in your life, all beings.

I practice and share  all of this for myself as much as for anyone else.