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A Note about Summertime Practice-

IMG_0687The season of sound and color is upon us in SF!! It begins with Carnivale, graduations, builds up to Gay Pride Day, then July 4th, and onward through Labor Day!   The flowers are out, radiant, all animals including the humans are in full swing active mode!  Physical, sporty, expressive doing.  Fun but fatiguing. Increased chance of injury and depletion.  So excited we aren’t aware we need rest!! YAY!!

Classes will aim to balance this lively, outward projected lifestyle with a calmer, quieter, more grounded practice.  We’ll let the outer world take care of itself for a bit while we look inward and get real. Let the adrenaline subside a bit.

Our bodies are already warm, the room is warm, so we still might sweat even as we move slower, get still, and settle back in with breath and mind.  (Holding poses is not easier, however, especially if our attention span is shortened by all the summer spectacle and activity.)

More time to find insight by watching the changing sensations of our stretches and all layers of self.  Break through barriers like quiet warriors.  Rejuve.   Sound good?

“Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence and silence is full of music.”
Marcel Marceau