About Tina Foster

About Tina Foster – Meditation Guide and Mentor, Author and Creator of Unique Meditation Experiences

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braid_2-116x150 b:wTina guides and mentors meditation practitioners of all levels. She creates innovative, meaningful and fun meditation experiences—courses, toolkits, and other products—for both individuals and companies, delivered digitally as well as in-person.

She works in corporate settings, retreat centers, your favorite yoga studio or her private studio in the Mission District in San Francisco. Her primary corporate client is Gap, Inc.[mks_separator style=”blank” height=”3″]

Her latest creation is The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck. Her most popular virtual courses include The Yoga Nidra Virtual Experience, 21 Days of Lovingkindness, and The Secret Life of the Body: MUDRAS.

 Tina_4349 (1) - Version 2 smallerBeyond helping people learn to meditate, Tina helps beginners practice, not only with ease, but with a sense that meditation is actually a natural function. She helps more seasoned practitioners evolve their practice from  ‘cookie-cutter” approaches by leading them through the mapping of their own meditation journey.
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It’s about shaping your own practice according to your personality, talents and the life you want to lead. Your practice begins to flow seamlessly with the rest of your life and feels so effortless that at first you wonder if you’re doing it right.

She calls it Meditation-Mapping and Inner Life Design.

Tina also teaches the more meditative forms of Hatha Yoga classes and leads retreats and workshops in San Francisco and beyond. As a teacher, she is often praised as being “one of a kind”. Her work is inventive without departing from tradition and evocative, but accessible. Learn more about her Yoga work and read her blog

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Find Tina on the web in any or all of these places.            IMG_0136 - Version 3
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