About Tina professionally.

About Tina personally.

Tina is a teacher, coach and mentor. She has taught thousands of classes and works with all kinds of people.

Primary tools: meditation and movement, alongside traditional coaching
Medium: the body (somatic)
Approach: non clinical trauma support, self inquiry as opposed to an applied methodology

Movement credentials include yoga, Feldenkrais and dance-based modalities + healing modalities such as Thai Massage and Reiki. Her coaching is somatic, meditation-based and is baked into all facets of her work.

Tina's students and clients create from the inside out.
Clients tend to be visionary, equity-seeking and willing to dig deep, be vulnerable and brave in healing trauma and dismantling harmful inner belief systems.

Tina is a passionate, all-in solution-finder who welcomes "problems" as invitations to roll up the sleeves, get curious, and be willing to "get dirty" in the process of clearing what doesn't serve and building/ supporting the sustainable. 

Tina makes things for the people she works with. 
Things that draw them deeper into themselves:
-- guided audio practices
-- a mudra card deck
-- 2 books on meditation
-- uniquely designed virtual courses
-- an array of live classes, retreats and experiences

Tina began her work in 1988 with yogic philosophy and movement. Over the years she's worn many hats and explored the less-traveled roads. The whole of her experience informs her work and colors her world.

In my own words.
I'm born and raised in the American South. 
I recall a childhood climbing trees, riding horses and dancing in tall grass on a feral piece of land that had once been my grandparents’ farm.

I've been studying esoteric traditions since I was a preteen.

I have...
lived and traveled many places.
Received two Soros Foundation fellowships.
Founded or co-founded numerous organizations and businesses.

My work draws from my experience (adventures and traumas) in addition to study. with so many great teachers. 

I'm a big believer in the power of Rest. As both a natural process & a cultivated skill. I believe in solo rest & alone time as self-care. And also Mutual & Collective Care central to healing relationships, groups of all kinds & the culture at large. 

I also am a person capable of bold action. I tend to believe people's actions over their words. I also believe we are living in a time where action is not just essential, but required, in order to build the world we really want to live in. 

I'll always create in an array of forms for the people I work with. And I look forward to co-creating with like-minded collaborators.


“I’ve learned a great deal from Tina, benefitting not only my teaching skills, but my own personal practice and even some ways of how I live.”
Gretta Sowyrda
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