I teach & coach.
Private sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, & facilitator trainings. 
I also create, consult & collaborate.
Virtually, for now.

About me personally.

I currently live on the ancestral lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone, Coastal & Bay Miwok First Nations, otherwise known as San Francisco.

My pronouns are she/her.

I grew up in the American South in the 1960's & 70's on feral land that had been my grandparent's farm during the Depression, the ancestral lands of Mvskoke (Muskogee/ Creek) First Nation.

Before moving to San Francisco, I lived in Athens, Georgia in the 80's, Czechoslovakia in the early 90's and New Orleans, pre-Katrina. 

My way of living and working is very influenced by my personal experience, what I came to know through my senses and my actions. 

I have experienced early and deep grief, loss and trauma, alongside certain privilege, lots of joy and adventure. 

I began studying wisdom traditions as a preteen and have never stopped delving into cultures connecting me to mystery-- my own and the world's. 

I studied literature & media arts in college, and still need the deep expression that arises from reading and writing poetry and making video and film. 

I feel fortunate that my ancestors were farmers and that they were politically and community engaged in a very practical way. Some of my earliest memories are of overheard conversations around organizing, campaigning, how to stand up to injustice and debates about what is real and true. For me, the personal has always been political.

I've been the recipient of three Soros Foundation Fellowhips and have co/founded a number of organizations & businesses that served in creative and spiritual realms.

I'm a walker of cities & hiker of trails.

I'm a writer, both inside and outside my work. I love photography and making digital media.

I'm available for consulting on creative projects & collaboration with like-minded people. 

About me professionally.

Since the mid-00's, I've taught a few subject areas within the field I call Embodiment Practice & Life. Pre-pandemic, much of my in-person teaching was based in my private studio space in San Francisco.

Everything is virtual now, but I still work within all the same subjects. 

  • Movement & Meditation 
  • Breath Awareness
  • Embodied Living & Practice as Life
  • Smart Work Practice for Mind-body Support
  • Business for Visionary People
  • Body-based Relaxation, including Yoga Nidra

I work privately with individuals, couples & small groups, including work teams.

Sessions are a mix of conversation / active listening combined with practices + support, according to needs and intentions.
  • Targeted Healing of Physical Injury
  • Somatic Recovery of Trauma & Stress
  • Learning to Breathe / Breath Refinement
  • Working with Mind-body Challenges & Life Changes
  • Body-based Spiritual Attunement Work
  • Mentoring & Support of Vision
  • Meditation, relaxation, self-inquiry and/or reflection
  • Movement Therapy
Our intentions continually attune to uncovering & fostering possibilities as experiences of wellbeing and flourishing that can be seen and felt.  

Occasionally I make things for those I work with and serve.

I love to make things for those I serve. Everything from aromatherapy essential oil blends to support rest, to workbooks to help clients process a complicated experience, guided meditations in response to an array of factors. 

My favorite in recent years is The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck.
"Tina's energy is like *whoah. I immediately saw her bravery and how she had showed up in life. The force is definitely with her. "
Shane Perkins
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Tina Foster, Foster & Flourish


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