About Tina professionally.

Teacher's teacher, leader, creator, catalyst for changemakers. Tina's students and clients create their best lives from the inside out. Tina is celebrated for having an appetite for "problems" and is a passionate , all-in solution-finder.

Tina makes things for the people she works with, things that invite and guide them deeper into themselves. Audio practices, a card deck, books, virtual courses and an array of live events.

Tina began in 1988 with yogic philosophy and movement.


For people of all ages and abilities.

Meditation and somatic practices. Vipassana Buddhist practice, Inner Body Experience such as Tantric and Somatic practices. Inner exploration such as Self-Inquiry meditation. 

Tina has nearly thousands of hours of Yoga and Meditation Certifications including, but not limited to:
-- Meditation Coach
-- Yoga Therapist
-- Thai Yoga Massage Therapist
-- Reiki Master, though she doesn't offer Reiki as a service, it's baked into everything.

My lifelong study:
literature, myth and archetype
+ other wisdom traditions, primarily classic tarot, astrology, New Orleans Voodoo, Wicca

My latest creations:
Yoga Nidra Monthly Audios
The Secret Life of the Body Mudra Card Deck  + supplementary Guide to Mudras.

About Tina personally.

In my own words.
I'm born and raised in the American South. 
I recall a childhood climbing trees, riding horses and dancing in tall grass on a feral piece of land that had once been my grandparents’ farm.

I've been studying esoteric traditions since I was a preteen.

I have...
lived and traveled many places.
Received two Soros Foundation fellowships.
Founded or co-founded numerous organizations and businesses.

I'll always create in an array of forms from gardening to virtual media to embodied movement and more.  

All I am and do is filtered through my unique personal experience.


“I’ve learned a great deal from Tina, benefitting not only my teaching skills, but my own personal practice and even some ways of how I live.”
Gretta Sowyrda
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