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I only get REALLY sick once or twice a decade. (cue: wood-knocking) A few days ago, my number came up. I fell into the viral lair and am still spinning. Though, today, the pace is much slower, thank you. (You still reading? Trust me, keep going.) I’ll skip the gory details and move on to the […]

How Yin Yoga Makes You a Mightier Meditator

Some say that Yin yoga is the “ultimate yogic meeting of the physical and meditative.”  In this post, we’ll try to unlock some reasons why these words ring so true in our experience. First, why meditate?  (Besides that it has become so popular even the medical community has embraced it.) Those who try it often say they feel […]

7 Super-Cool Smartphone Apps for Yogis (hint: not all are yoga apps)

Hey, Yogis with smartphones. QUESTION: How often do you whip out your smartphone along the path of your yoga journey? At it’s best, it’s a smart tool designed to be of service to you. To help you realize your dreams, be free, at ease, find the truth. Kinda like yoga. (You know what I mean.) I […]

Why do a Private Instead of a Group Class

Private sessions are powerful because they are totally customizable. They are potentially as unique as you actually are. That’s pretty unique. Classes are great, but think about it. A lot of what you hear in class doesn’t apply to you, but is meant to help someone else in the room. Or you don’t even hear […]

Barefoot Walking Meditation on the Earth, a Somatic Practice

I don’t know about your feet, but mine love walking shoeless.  And no I don’t mean on city streets in the rubber feet-shoe thingies. I’m talking old-school barefoot. Adam and Eve style. Try this on the beach or anywhere you’re willing to walk without shoes. (I’m hoping to challenge you to walk barefoot in places outside […]

Meditative Eye Postures: not only are they a thing, they’ve been around for aeons.

My latest article on Elephant Journal. How our eyes affect our mood. Meditative postures that help ur mood via our eyes. Here’s an excerpt: When our eyes aren’t well, we aren’t well.   Burning eyes = burning mood. Tired eyes = tired mood = tired ideas. I’m suggesting the acronym SLATS—Stop Looking At The Screen. May […]

We Are Sprouts Again: Springtime Yoga Practice

The body doesn’t have to look out the window to know the season. As Spring nears, we wake up and feel a little stirring feeling, a bit of perk in the energy. It’s easier to get up and get out. Even our step has spring. Below the soil’s surface, the new sprouts sense and seek the sunlight […]

My Version of Why this Buddha is Reclining

I was in Thailand earlier this month. The first thing I wanted to see after arriving in Bangkok was the magnificent “Reclining Buddha.” This amazing work of golden art is so large it takes at least 10 minutes to walk around it. I took much more time to walk around it.  I was so struck […]

5 Plain and Simple Tips for Staying Warm in Winter Rainy Season

We know this. The ground we stand on might be hardened with cold and appear barren, but underneath is the raging fire of the earth’s heart that is always stoked and healing the planet from the inside. Above, the sky might be all-day-grey, but we know that the clouds are just a layer, a curtain […]

Sincere Gratitude: A Real Thank You or None at All, Thanks

So this month we are supposed to feel Gratitude. Everyone has gratitude, and likes to feel it. The spontaneous arising of authentic appreciation feels warm and fuzzy, sometimes really exciting. But what about those times when we fake the form of gratitude without any feeling whatsoever? We’re obligated at times- especially during this month- to give […]