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Autumn: Season of Dissolution and Dark Mirrors

I feel moved to share something I’ve been mulling over   regarding the whole Autumnal seasonal association with loss, death, or finality. I have always tended to feel dread in the fall. The animal body shrinking from the colder and darker days, perhaps. On a deeper level, though, I was totally buyimg into the idea […]

No Time to Meditate? Try “Most-of-a Minute-Meditation”

No time to meditate?  (Sigh.) Think again, my friend! Here’s how you can work magic in just 1 little minute.    No timer is required. Do it anytime, anywhere….when you’re alone in the stairwell, the elevator, stuck in traffic, while the kids are occupied with something besides you….. Eyes closed, unless open feels better. Note […]

Yoga Nidra, Part 2

What does the practice of Yoga Nidra look like? Yoga Nidra is usually practiced in a supine position (on the back) for at least 20 minutes.   The head might be supported by a cushion. The practitioner might appear to be sleeping. The only physical challenge to the practice might be getting the body comfortable […]

What is Yoga Nidra? (Part 1 of 2)

In Sanskrit, Yoga Nidra means “Sleep of the Yogi.” As a practice, it’s about learning to fall into deep states of rest without getting sleepy or spacing out. The practice is not something we create, but one of using natural states of mind we are very familiar with.   What is this experience like? Here’s one […]

The Yoga of Tears

“Do you know a cure for me?” “Why yes,” he said, “I know a cure for everything. Salt water.” “Salt water?” I asked him. “Yes,” he said, “in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.”       Isak Dinesen, “The Deluge at Norderney”      Tears seem to be a […]

Five 5 min Holiday Yoga Breaks and What They’re Good For

Just do it!!  This is your mantra during chaotic situations when you find yourself making rational excuses about why you can’t just stop, pause, reflect for a yoga break.  Here are 5 ways to spend the break and some intentions you can connect to them. Knowing what an exercise does for you while you are […]

10 Modern Yoga Books I Hope Every Living Yogi Reads

The timeless classics like the Vedas, Upanishads, Sutras and The Gita are “must reads” because they are a window into the rich world of ancient yoga culture, language and thinking.  These classics of the yogic tradition have endured through countless ages and spread through so many cultures right along with the yoga practices such as […]

The mind of Posture- Gateway to Meditation- Spotlight on Yin Yoga

One bit of positive feedback I hear about my classes is that they unify the physical with the meditative experience– both during and after the practice.  So, in this issue I’d like to shed some light on an aspect of practice that helped me unify  these two seemingly opposing parts of the self.

Heart as Love Machine: Love as Lifeforce

The first yogis were among those who wisely understood the productive power of the heart. They saw the heart’s symbolic color as green– the color we associate with money, sustainability and potential. The “Anahata,” or Heart Chakra in many yogic traditions is represented by a green flower whose bloom is synonymous with willpower and the […]

Regarding the Glamour of the New

In general, we’re all about newness in this fast-paced, global information age. New information steals our attention away from the old. New things are more shiny than the ones we already have. New year’s skepticism just doesn’t quite filter out the seductive glow of portent and opportunity. So many people are basking in that glow. Illuminating […]