Afternoon Mudra Flow

Mudra Fever continues. Today it’s a “Mudra Flow”— a sequence of hand postures you flow through with hands only rather than whole-body yoga postures. You can do this flow anytime you feel dull, spacey, fatigued, unfocused but can’t/ don’t want to take a nap. I call it Afternoon Cappuccino.

I hope you enjoy it. If you try it, let me know how it goes.

1. Settle into your meditation spot of choice– your chair, for example. And your body position of choice– feet on floor, for example, OR perhaps you stand.warm-up-1-1

2. Once you’re comfortable, start your timer if you’re using one.

3. Then, warm up your hands by rubbing your hands together briskly until they get very warm.

4. Once your hands are very warm, hold your palms facing one another a few inches apart and feel the electromagnetic waves flowing out of your palms.img_0910

5. Bring your hands into Hakini Mudra. (This mudra brings composure and harmonizes right and left brain.) Close your eyes and reflect on your intention to be more awake and aware. Include the good things that will come from your awakened awareness.. Imagine exactly how you’d like to feel when you’re done practicing.

untitled-design-26. Then, bring both hands into Agni Mudra (the essential mudra of fire element in the body) and begin to notice how it feels in your hand as well as in your thoughts, moods and overall state. I find an overall shift to a “moving on” kind of mindset happens almost instantly. Sometimes, I even feel a bit of a “badass” type of attitude emerging. The advice with Agni Mudra is always this: practice ONLY as long as it serves– no longer. So, you might only hold it for a few moments. Listen to the sensation in your mind-body.

untitled-design-17. Then, bring your hands to Kali Mudra by clasping your hands, extending both index fingers. Then,rest your hands in your lap. Feel how grounding Kali Mudra is, and how the joined index fingertips bring focus. Hold Kali Mudra in your lap.(Kali Mudra is about finding direction and truth and having the courage to get out of your comfort zone.)

8.About one or two minutes before you’re done, lift Kali Mudra over head, arms fully extended. Take 10 deep, slow, belly breaths, exhaling as much air out of your lungs as you can without straining

untitled-design-39. Then,bring your hands into Garuda Mudra, spreading fingers wide, still breathing fully, feel inner freedom expanding inside your heart. Reflect once more on your intention to be awake, aware and what this will bring you and the world.

10. Rest your hands face down on your thighs for at least a few moments. It’s like Savasana for them after their workout.

That’s it. My Afternoon Cappuccino Meditation Mudra Flow. I find this flow helps me even during very brief meditations– AND it’s way better for me than a cappuccino.

Get clear on your intention to be awake and why with Hakini Mudra.

Then, activate your inner fireball with Agni Mudra, holding only as long as needed.

Kali Mudra grounds you during the main body of your practice, then lifted Kali Mudra overhead, expands your mind body.

Finally, Garuda Mudra fills your newfound inner spaciousness with a triumphant feeling of inner freedom. Cue: “Theme from Rocky” Gonna FLY NOOOW!

Let me know how it goes. You can always just hit “REPLY” to these emails to share your response.

Thank you. Enjoy.

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