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Stardust from Starlight- in 2014

Ever had a “star-explosion-flashback-moment?” Bet you have! What it IS: A chemically-induced experience in the body Totally Legal What it ISN’T: A pharmacologically-induced experience Manmade. (Not yet, anyway.)

4 Non-Yoga Books for the Yogi’s Bookshelf

This is for everyone of the slightest spiritual ilk. Meditation-lovers Yoga dabblers who make it to a class (5 minutes late) once every 4th blue moon For Purists, whose meditation cushion or yoga mat vibrates with years of their own shakti (translation: energy, self-creation) Teachers  and gurus- whoever you are, we’re all a guru of sorts Yoga = wholeness […]

New Blog for the Modern Meditation Community

You might know already that we’ve recently launched Meditation for Non-Meditators: the (Forever) Beginner’s Blog. It’s our gift to ourselves and the meditation community. It’s the meditation blog we’ve always dreamed of but could never find. You might be wondering WHY a 2nd blog? Will the 1st blog keep going? Answers for YOU– >> Q: Regarding the […]

Sexy 2.0

The spirituality community, in all its many shapes and colors, young traditions and old, is growing by leaps and bounds. Especially in the West. As more people identify themselves statistically as “spiritual” while less identify as “religious.” Meditation is currently leading the emergence. (I read online recently that meditation was “the new yoga.” Ha! Umm, […]

7 Sexy Things about Meditation (and How I Came to Recognize Them)

7 Sexy things about Meditation…. This post was written for two kinds of people: those who practice meditation and those who don’t. I hope it makes the meditators smile and feel even better about practicing. My hope for everyone else is that they smile and feel a little more curious. You might be a little […]

What to Do -AND NOT- When Ya Got the No-Practice Blues

Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we feel toward pursuing it.”  –Steven Pressfield,“The War of Art” Are you a resolution-maker? Maybe you’ve reached that inevitable point in the new year when resolve starts to dissolve?  Maybe you’re a little too cozy in under your flannel […]

What is the Yoga Ghetto?

I’ve been saying this in person for years. And more than a few times recently, been quoted (and sometimes credited) online.  This is a loaded topic, but not at all a weapon. At least not when in my hands. Why lay hands on this topic? To get clear in my own head about what it means. […]

All Aboard the Mindfulness Train

It’s Standing Room Only, Folks Woot- woot. All aboard! Ever ridden the mindfulness train? Perhaps you ride the train often enough to warrant a commuter pass?   (If you’re reading this, chances are you said yes to one or both.) Thank yourself. Or actually, give yourself a hug. Go ahead, right now. (Anyone who can see […]

From me, Rumi & my college professor, to You

Shopping, making plans, sitting in airports, jotting down our new year’s resolutions. So much hustle and bustle in a season that’s about peace and goodwill. What if hustle & bustle is possible while feeling peace & goodwill? (H & B + P & G) We know they co-habitate. They are all us. At once. Sometimes we’re sure […]

YOU: Quintessential Design

Every so often, we shine our lovelight on somelovely in our readership community. To see what amazing things they do, how they do it, why they do it. This time the soft glow turns toward Europe to highlight someone known and loved in many places on the globe. Someone currently spending time in Lyon, France. An architect, designer, artist. A hilarious […]