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Gratitude Meditation- Pass the Bowl of Your Own Personal Gratitude

Personal Gratitude Meditation: Join me. Pass the Bowl of your Own Personal Gratitude. Regardless of what your dinner environment is…. Just focus on -at least- the dinner. It might extend through the night, it might not… 1. Relax your shoulders and let your hands drop to your lap. Take a deep breath. Soften. Think of the […]

9 Seeds for Tenacious Roses

“You get what you settle for.” — from the film, Thelma and Louise We’ve all heard this advice and deep down, know it’s true – even if we’re not living it > “Be true to yourself. Don’t live the truth of others. ” (or some variation on this theme) Let’s dig into this notion to see […]

How do You Roll from Here?

OMG, did you notice it’s September 2013 already? Maybe you feel like from September there’s a downhill slope. ……to the holiday season ……….and end of the year ………………….and then 2014. The holidays, end of the year and the new year are 3 very distinct things in actuality — but they swoosh by like a sprite […]

My A’s to Your FAQ’s

I chose 3 of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten over the last few months. Together they span quite a broad range. Here are my answers to your most popular questions. Let’s jump right in.     Q: At some point, your meditation guidance lost all traces of Buddhism, Yoga philosophy or New Ageism. Have […]

YOU: “Twice Heroes,” Nisei Veterans, Tom Graves, Author & Photographer

Twice Heroes: America’s Nisei Veterans of WW2 and Korea In their own words, Japanese American Nisei veterans (2nd generation American) recount their battles against wartime suspicion and racism, and of overcoming them with with courage and patriotism (((Every couple of months, we shine our lovelight on someone in our community. This time the soft glow is upon […]

In Which Yoga Pose Do We Rehearse Our Death? and Why?

(In this post I wanted to bring the interior of Savasana to life- to look at the experience rather than the pose. I shined a light into the posture using principles from the “Yoga Sutras” as a filter.) If you think the yoga world is only a happy place where everyone lives purely on bliss and sunshine, think […]

When you Catch a Buzz, Plug in Your Bare Feet

Ever think about what yoga practice would be like wearing shoes? (Hmmm.) Or– what a yoga shoe would look like? (Ha!) The ancient posture practice we love has remained barefoot for a reason. Why is exercise in bare feet is so beneficial? (Besides that it makes the feet stronger and more flexible….?) Take your shoes off. Trust […]


I only get REALLY sick once or twice a decade. (cue: wood-knocking) A few days ago, my number came up. I fell into the viral lair and am still spinning. Though, today, the pace is much slower, thank you. (You still reading? Trust me, keep going.) I’ll skip the gory details and move on to the […]

7 Super-Cool Smartphone Apps for Yogis (hint: not all are yoga apps)

Hey, Yogis with smartphones. QUESTION: How often do you whip out your smartphone along the path of your yoga journey? At it’s best, it’s a smart tool designed to be of service to you. To help you realize your dreams, be free, at ease, find the truth. Kinda like yoga. (You know what I mean.) I […]

My Version of Why this Buddha is Reclining

I was in Thailand earlier this month. The first thing I wanted to see after arriving in Bangkok was the magnificent “Reclining Buddha.” This amazing work of golden art is so large it takes at least 10 minutes to walk around it. I took much more time to walk around it.  I was so struck […]