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5 Plain and Simple Tips for Staying Warm in Winter Rainy Season

We know this. The ground we stand on might be hardened with cold and appear barren, but underneath is the raging fire of the earth’s heart that is always stoked and healing the planet from the inside. Above, the sky might be all-day-grey, but we know that the clouds are just a layer, a curtain […]

Sincere Gratitude: A Real Thank You or None at All, Thanks

So this month we are supposed to feel Gratitude. Everyone has gratitude, and likes to feel it. The spontaneous arising of authentic appreciation feels warm and fuzzy, sometimes really exciting. But what about those times when we fake the form of gratitude without any feeling whatsoever? We’re obligated at times- especially during this month- to give […]

Autumn: Season of Dissolution and Dark Mirrors

I feel moved to share something I’ve been mulling over   regarding the whole Autumnal seasonal association with loss, death, or finality. I have always tended to feel dread in the fall. The animal body shrinking from the colder and darker days, perhaps. On a deeper level, though, I was totally buyimg into the idea […]

No Time to Meditate? Try “Most-of-a Minute-Meditation”

No time to meditate?  (Sigh.) Think again, my friend! Here’s how you can work magic in just 1 little minute.    No timer is required. Do it anytime, anywhere….when you’re alone in the stairwell, the elevator, stuck in traffic, while the kids are occupied with something besides you….. Eyes closed, unless open feels better. Note […]