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Your Smart Heart

Something Different this round–  a video. One sent to me by a 9 year old yogi who happens to be my niece. But this is beyond Braggy Auntie stuff. She’s in here today to show us a few things about ourselves. This little yogi has quite a bit of unsupervised time and not so much money to buy […]

4 Non-Yoga Books for the Yogi’s Bookshelf

This is for everyone of the slightest spiritual ilk. Meditation-lovers Yoga dabblers who make it to a class (5 minutes late) once every 4th blue moon For Purists, whose meditation cushion or yoga mat vibrates with years of their own shakti (translation: energy, self-creation) Teachers  and gurus- whoever you are, we’re all a guru of sorts Yoga = wholeness […]

2 Meditations for Summoning Spring: Snowglobe and Spinal Tap

The term somatic (from the Greek σωματικός) means ‘of the body’—relating to the body. So, we experience the mind as well, but as an integral part of the body.  What these practices will do for you: Help you shake-off wintertime doldrums and lethargy Get stuck energy moving Bring a sense of spontaneity  Ground your attention into the center of your […]

7 Sexy Things about Meditation (and How I Came to Recognize Them)

7 Sexy things about Meditation…. This post was written for two kinds of people: those who practice meditation and those who don’t. I hope it makes the meditators smile and feel even better about practicing. My hope for everyone else is that they smile and feel a little more curious. You might be a little […]

All Aboard the Mindfulness Train

It’s Standing Room Only, Folks Woot- woot. All aboard! Ever ridden the mindfulness train? Perhaps you ride the train often enough to warrant a commuter pass?   (If you’re reading this, chances are you said yes to one or both.) Thank yourself. Or actually, give yourself a hug. Go ahead, right now. (Anyone who can see […]

YOU: Quintessential Design

Every so often, we shine our lovelight on somelovely in our readership community. To see what amazing things they do, how they do it, why they do it. This time the soft glow turns toward Europe to highlight someone known and loved in many places on the globe. Someone currently spending time in Lyon, France. An architect, designer, artist. A hilarious […]

How do You Roll from Here?

OMG, did you notice it’s September 2013 already? Maybe you feel like from September there’s a downhill slope. ……to the holiday season ……….and end of the year ………………….and then 2014. The holidays, end of the year and the new year are 3 very distinct things in actuality — but they swoosh by like a sprite […]

When you Catch a Buzz, Plug in Your Bare Feet

Ever think about what yoga practice would be like wearing shoes? (Hmmm.) Or– what a yoga shoe would look like? (Ha!) The ancient posture practice we love has remained barefoot for a reason. Why is exercise in bare feet is so beneficial? (Besides that it makes the feet stronger and more flexible….?) Take your shoes off. Trust […]

7 Super-Cool Smartphone Apps for Yogis (hint: not all are yoga apps)

Hey, Yogis with smartphones. QUESTION: How often do you whip out your smartphone along the path of your yoga journey? At it’s best, it’s a smart tool designed to be of service to you. To help you realize your dreams, be free, at ease, find the truth. Kinda like yoga. (You know what I mean.) I […]
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