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A Selection from Lovingkindness 2.0

(This blogpost is a special adaptation I’ve made for you based on some of the written materials in a Meditation Experience that I’ll be releasing later this year. It’s called Lovingkindness 2.0.) More about LK 2.0 later, but for now I’ll say these things… It’s a heart-centered journey… And it’s my very first totally digital course!! […]

You are the Real Bling

Sharing this one for you to think about while you shop for gifts, while you hang sparkly ornaments on your tree when you look into your loved one’s eyes. You are the real bling.  I hope you unearth lots of Eureka this holiday season. What am I talking about? Well….. My Passion: Cultivating Consciousness by […]

Build the World You Want from Inside Your Playroom

I want to keep cool and collected as the holidays close in and help you do the same. Here’s the strategy I’m trying. I’m hoping to balance my own meditation-sabotaging thoughts and habits: A new twist. Instead of breathing away negative or sabotaging thoughts as I usually do, I’m gonna see what it’s like to play with them like […]

A quote from my new book, The (Forever) Beginner’s Meditation Companion

Why read the book? The book uses metaphor and story along with solid instruction to illustrate the inner world of meditation and what it’s like to practice. From the perspective of a beginner all the way to “effortless insight” and Nirvana. This meditation companion gives you the tools to create a practice that’s like a friend to you and shows […]

Meditate like an Artist & a Scientist’s Lovechild

Art and science are often talked about as two separate worlds with thick walls around them that no one can or should pass between. Drawing a line between art and science keeps art dreamy and science dependable. But.  I think our inner world is much more sophisticated. We are made of the union of opposites.   We know we’re part […]

Stardust from Starlight- in 2014

Ever had a “star-explosion-flashback-moment?” Bet you have! What it IS: A chemically-induced experience in the body Totally Legal What it ISN’T: A pharmacologically-induced experience Manmade. (Not yet, anyway.)

New Blog for the Modern Meditation Community

You might know already that we’ve recently launched Meditation for Non-Meditators: the (Forever) Beginner’s Blog. It’s our gift to ourselves and the meditation community. It’s the meditation blog we’ve always dreamed of but could never find. You might be wondering WHY a 2nd blog? Will the 1st blog keep going? Answers for YOU– >> Q: Regarding the […]

Sexy 2.0

The spirituality community, in all its many shapes and colors, young traditions and old, is growing by leaps and bounds. Especially in the West. As more people identify themselves statistically as “spiritual” while less identify as “religious.” Meditation is currently leading the emergence. (I read online recently that meditation was “the new yoga.” Ha! Umm, […]

7 Sexy Things about Meditation (and How I Came to Recognize Them)

7 Sexy things about Meditation…. This post was written for two kinds of people: those who practice meditation and those who don’t. I hope it makes the meditators smile and feel even better about practicing. My hope for everyone else is that they smile and feel a little more curious. You might be a little […]