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My Version of Why this Buddha is Reclining

I was in Thailand earlier this month. The first thing I wanted to see after arriving in Bangkok was the magnificent “Reclining Buddha.” This amazing work of golden art is so large it takes at least 10 minutes to walk around it. I took much more time to walk around it.  I was so struck […]

No Time to Meditate? Try “Most-of-a Minute-Meditation”

No time to meditate?  (Sigh.) Think again, my friend! Here’s how you can work magic in just 1 little minute.    No timer is required. Do it anytime, anywhere….when you’re alone in the stairwell, the elevator, stuck in traffic, while the kids are occupied with something besides you….. Eyes closed, unless open feels better. Note […]

What is Yoga Nidra? (Part 1 of 2)

In Sanskrit, Yoga Nidra means “Sleep of the Yogi.” As a practice, it’s about learning to fall into deep states of rest without getting sleepy or spacing out. The practice is not something we create, but one of using natural states of mind we are very familiar with.   What is this experience like? Here’s one […]

The mind of Posture- Gateway to Meditation- Spotlight on Yin Yoga

One bit of positive feedback I hear about my classes is that they unify the physical with the meditative experience– both during and after the practice.  So, in this issue I’d like to shed some light on an aspect of practice that helped me unify  these two seemingly opposing parts of the self.

Roam if you want to. Inner Wilderness awaiting you.

As we know, meditation practice involves training in methodology and deepens with practice. Ultimately, though, meditation is a state of freedom.  We always have permission to explore, to let it run loose.

Ways of Getting Centered

Even my most active movement classes always begin with a centering practice. Sitting or lying down, resting into the body.

What is Yin Yoga?

WHAT IS YIN YOGA? The yin tissues of the body are the deeper, more hidden fascia, connective tissues and their joints.  These delicate tissues require a safe form of conditioning such as stretching/ stillness. The so-called “Yang” tissues, a more common focus in Western exercise, are the larger, more external and visible muscles and ligaments […]