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The Evolution from Anger to Spiritual Activism

This post about my evolution to spiritual activism is the third in a three part series. You can read part one here and part two here: In 1998 I discovered Yoga, Buddhism and Meditation. Over time, they became my self-care and then my spiritual practices. Buddhism began to transform the way I saw the world, other people and myself. Compassion […]

Activism Burnout and Back Again

In my first post I described how I was born and raised in Activism. My early years as an activist, I was what some may call a pretty ‘hard core”. The stereotypical “angry activist”. I had alot of anger as a result of my less than perfect childhood. In those early days I hadn’t yet […]

Activist, Baby, I Was Born This Way

  I was raised by a single Mom, until age 14 when I left home. She was a feminist, humanitarian, writer, independent thinker and activist– so I came by my activist nature honestly. It was a common event in my home to have groups of her engaged friends sitting around the kitchen table, passionately discussing […]

A Rebel’s Road To Meditation

  [mks_separator style=”blank” height=”6″]When you picture “Meditation”…. what sort of image pops into your head? As a rebel and activist, I had never considered meditation. That was hippie shit.  Something people did in ashrams dressed in white. I was a questioner, an activist, ass-kicker and a heavy metal lover. “Meditation? who the hell had time for that? […]