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Between Trapezes

I’m in midair, between trapezes. Yep, just like the Coldplay song….. MAYBE I’M IN THE BLACK, MAYBE I’M ON MY KNEES MAYBE I’M IN THE GAP BETWEEN THE TWO TRAPEZES BUT MY HEART IS BEATING AND MY PULSES START CATHEDRALS IN MY HEART ——————————- I’m not a super Coldplay fan, but love the gap between […]

Mudra Card Deck

One of several stories that can be called “The Greening of my Mudra Card Deck” is not about the cards at all, but the packaging of the cards. You think packaging sounds BORING? Okay, so did I a few weeks ago. Today, I feel as if I’ve graduated from “Green Packaging University”. I haven’t lost […]

Mudra Flow – Ground for Meditation

  I’m sending a little mudra action your way. I call it “Mudra Flow” because it’s a sequence of hand postures you flow through just like you would with whole-body yoga postures. You can do this flow anytime, but I’m imagining it as a way to ground you before, during and after meditation practice. I hope you […]

Do you know your body secrets?

Do you know your body secrets? Who doesn’t like to be in on a good secret? I’m not talking about gossip, or the “dirty little” kind of secret or sneaky, clandestine schemes. I’m talking about the kind of secret that reveals itself like a thrown-open treasure chest of twinkly truths you’ve been dieing to know. […]

Feel it to Heal it

If You Really Want to Heal It, You Gotta Feel It.   So many times in my life I’ve been told, “you say exactly what you think (or what you feel).” My reaction has always been the same. In my mind (not usually out loud) I respond. “No way do I say what I feel, not even close!” […]

Sharing My Seasonal Secrets to the Hidden Power in Darker Days

I’m writing this to you on November 2nd, which, as you likely know, is: ….. the final day of the Mexican “dia de los Muertos” celebration ….. “All Souls Day” for Christians ….. and the day after Samhain, a Gaelic celebration with Celtic pagan origins…. I’m sharing my seasonal secrets to the hidden power in the darker […]

The Hidden Gift in the Heart of Anger

(( The topic :: Anger. This post is inspired by my first experience sharing my free course  “21 Days of Lovingkindness” which is a journey in heart-centered meditation practice and living. )) I got SO MUCH feedback about this particular lesson and the feedback itself was so powerful. I opened my inbox to see so many […]

Lovingkindness and My 911 Story

Okay, so here’s my 911 story and how it broke my heart wide open.  The main reason I was in New York (so I thought) was that a short film I’d made was scheduled to screen in a film festival in Manhattan on the evening of September 11th. Needless to say, the film never screened. Now, fast-forward to the day after 9-11. […]

You Are Spiritual No Matter What

“These days, I’m less spiritual than I have been in years.” This is what I heard my friend say to me as we walked through the woods a few weeks ago.  What she meant was pretty simple. She was no longer going to yoga every day, hanging a little less often with “yoga friends”, and drinking a […]

What it’s Like to Wake Up Like Me

I talk a lot about sleep and sleep preparation… All the ways to insure that when you hit the hay— for a nap or for the night— that your eyes close easily, and you rest in your hay like a baby donkey. (Aw) I realized recently that I’ve never talked about what happens once the sleep […]