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Celestial Embodiment: Eclipse Season Joyride

I have always valued community, but especially so in the last year or so. Whether it’s calling a friend and catching up on their news, meeting friends for drinks or with complete strangers for a political meeting, genuine connection to other humans has saved me so much stress and existential dread. Can you relate? Teaching yoga (or anything, really) is an […]

#Metoo & #Timesup in Embodiment Communities

Body of Truth. The Current State of #Metoo and #Timesup in Embodiment Communities.  Recently, I was contacted by someone in the #metoomovement about #metoo experiences I might’ve had or witnessed in embodiment communities over the years. First, I just want to say this subject has been on my mind for much longer, since puberty I guess, and in the last […]

Musing about Change

Do you like archetypes and symbols? I like them so much I long to live their stories as the unfolding of the everyday. My “new years” begins on the last day of December and ends a month or so later on Chinese New Year. This extended new years feels more inclusive and diverse, but also […]

New School Leadership (The Yoga of Leadership)

Do you think of yourself as a leader? Why or why not? I remember being surprised as a child when someone called me a leader. What about you? For me, there was something kind of…. unnecessary about the title….. and also kind of uncomfortable, like a stiff, over-starched collar that hinders the flow of movement. […]

When Peace has Lost its Power

Peace is a pretty worn out and tattered word. It’s been used to convey empty sentimentality, sell soft drinks and lull victimized people into not standing up for their rights. For some of us, the word has probably lost its vibration, meaning we hear the word, know what it means, but our emotions are not stirred. I’ll spare you […]

Thank You, Mister Iyengar

Thank you Mister Iyengar  If you follow yoga news, you probably know that BKS Iyengar is no longer with us. Hearing this news, I had to drop what I was doing and reflect. I imagine so many other people all over the world did the same. Iyengar, along with Pattabhi Jois, more or less Co-Fathered modern yoga. I’m […]

4 Non-Yoga Books for the Yogi’s Bookshelf

This is for everyone of the slightest spiritual ilk. Meditation-lovers Yoga dabblers who make it to a class (5 minutes late) once every 4th blue moon For Purists, whose meditation cushion or yoga mat vibrates with years of their own shakti (translation: energy, self-creation) Teachers  and gurus- whoever you are, we’re all a guru of sorts Yoga = wholeness […]

New Blog for the Modern Meditation Community

You might know already that we’ve recently launched Meditation for Non-Meditators: the (Forever) Beginner’s Blog. It’s our gift to ourselves and the meditation community. It’s the meditation blog we’ve always dreamed of but could never find. You might be wondering WHY a 2nd blog? Will the 1st blog keep going? Answers for YOU– >> Q: Regarding the […]

Sexy 2.0

The spirituality community, in all its many shapes and colors, young traditions and old, is growing by leaps and bounds. Especially in the West. As more people identify themselves statistically as “spiritual” while less identify as “religious.” Meditation is currently leading the emergence. (I read online recently that meditation was “the new yoga.” Ha! Umm, […]

What is the Yoga Ghetto?

I’ve been saying this in person for years. And more than a few times recently, been quoted (and sometimes credited) online.  This is a loaded topic, but not at all a weapon. At least not when in my hands. Why lay hands on this topic? To get clear in my own head about what it means. […]
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