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All Aboard the Mindfulness Train

It’s Standing Room Only, Folks Woot- woot. All aboard! Ever ridden the mindfulness train? Perhaps you ride the train often enough to warrant a commuter pass?   (If you’re reading this, chances are you said yes to one or both.) Thank yourself. Or actually, give yourself a hug. Go ahead, right now. (Anyone who can see […]

From me, Rumi & my college professor, to You

Shopping, making plans, sitting in airports, jotting down our new year’s resolutions. So much hustle and bustle in a season that’s about peace and goodwill. What if hustle & bustle is possible while feeling peace & goodwill? (H & B + P & G) We know they co-habitate. They are all us. At once. Sometimes we’re sure […]

YOU: Quintessential Design

Every so often, we shine our lovelight on somelovely in our readership community. To see what amazing things they do, how they do it, why they do it. This time the soft glow turns toward Europe to highlight someone known and loved in many places on the globe. Someone currently spending time in Lyon, France. An architect, designer, artist. A hilarious […]

YOU: “Twice Heroes,” Nisei Veterans, Tom Graves, Author & Photographer

Twice Heroes: America’s Nisei Veterans of WW2 and Korea In their own words, Japanese American Nisei veterans (2nd generation American) recount their battles against wartime suspicion and racism, and of overcoming them with with courage and patriotism (((Every couple of months, we shine our lovelight on someone in our community. This time the soft glow is upon […]

7 Super-Cool Smartphone Apps for Yogis (hint: not all are yoga apps)

Hey, Yogis with smartphones. QUESTION: How often do you whip out your smartphone along the path of your yoga journey? At it’s best, it’s a smart tool designed to be of service to you. To help you realize your dreams, be free, at ease, find the truth. Kinda like yoga. (You know what I mean.) I […]

45 Sun Salute!

I’m sharing some of the deeper aspects of Sun Salutations known in Sanskrit as Surya Namaskar. I owe much of my deeper knowledge of this practice to Richard Rosen, so let’s start with a few quotes from him. “It might seem strange to us that the yogis place the seat of wisdom in the heart, […]
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