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7 Sexy Things about Meditation (and How I Came to Recognize Them)

7 Sexy things about Meditation…. This post was written for two kinds of people: those who practice meditation and those who don’t. I hope it makes the meditators smile and feel even better about practicing. My hope for everyone else is that they smile and feel a little more curious. You might be a little […]

What to Do -AND NOT- When Ya Got the No-Practice Blues

Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we feel toward pursuing it.”  –Steven Pressfield,“The War of Art” Are you a resolution-maker? Maybe you’ve reached that inevitable point in the new year when resolve starts to dissolve?  Maybe you’re a little too cozy in under your flannel […]

All Aboard the Mindfulness Train

It’s Standing Room Only, Folks Woot- woot. All aboard! Ever ridden the mindfulness train? Perhaps you ride the train often enough to warrant a commuter pass?   (If you’re reading this, chances are you said yes to one or both.) Thank yourself. Or actually, give yourself a hug. Go ahead, right now. (Anyone who can see […]

Gratitude Meditation- Pass the Bowl of Your Own Personal Gratitude

Personal Gratitude Meditation: Join me. Pass the Bowl of your Own Personal Gratitude. Regardless of what your dinner environment is…. Just focus on -at least- the dinner. It might extend through the night, it might not… 1. Relax your shoulders and let your hands drop to your lap. Take a deep breath. Soften. Think of the […]

My A’s to Your FAQ’s

I chose 3 of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten over the last few months. Together they span quite a broad range. Here are my answers to your most popular questions. Let’s jump right in.     Q: At some point, your meditation guidance lost all traces of Buddhism, Yoga philosophy or New Ageism. Have […]

In Which Yoga Pose Do We Rehearse Our Death? and Why?

(In this post I wanted to bring the interior of Savasana to life- to look at the experience rather than the pose. I shined a light into the posture using principles from the “Yoga Sutras” as a filter.) If you think the yoga world is only a happy place where everyone lives purely on bliss and sunshine, think […]

7 Smartphone Apps to Strengthen Your Meditative Muscles

This is how I’ve come to view mindfulness and smartphones. If we’re going to carry smartphones, why not use them to help us be more mindful sometimes rather than less so?  Technology is, after all, what we make it. It’s up to us how we use it and how it impacts our lives. So, I’m […]

How Yin Yoga Makes You a Mightier Meditator

Some say that Yin yoga is the “ultimate yogic meeting of the physical and meditative.”  In this post, we’ll try to unlock some reasons why these words ring so true in our experience. First, why meditate?  (Besides that it has become so popular even the medical community has embraced it.) Those who try it often say they feel […]

Why do a Private Instead of a Group Class

Private sessions are powerful because they are totally customizable. They are potentially as unique as you actually are. That’s pretty unique. Classes are great, but think about it. A lot of what you hear in class doesn’t apply to you, but is meant to help someone else in the room. Or you don’t even hear […]

Barefoot Walking Meditation on the Earth, a Somatic Practice

I don’t know about your feet, but mine love walking shoeless.  And no I don’t mean on city streets in the rubber feet-shoe thingies. I’m talking old-school barefoot. Adam and Eve style. Try this on the beach or anywhere you’re willing to walk without shoes. (I’m hoping to challenge you to walk barefoot in places outside […]