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My New Women’s Circle

I am so happy to launch my new Women’s Circle. I’ve been wanting to do so for quite some time. For one thing, I really need it! And for another, the pillars of my community over the years have been held up by amazing women and I long to be with women in community— beyond […]

Mudra Card Deck

One of several stories that can be called “The Greening of my Mudra Card Deck” is not about the cards at all, but the packaging of the cards. You think packaging sounds BORING? Okay, so did I a few weeks ago. Today, I feel as if I’ve graduated from “Green Packaging University”. I haven’t lost […]

My Best Practices + Favorite Apps for Getting Work Done Distraction Free

Getting work done. Sound dreary and dreadful? But what about our dreams, heart’s desires? Stuff we feel deeply compelled to do? Some of that stuff is work, some is play. Work and play both fall under the life-category of “Non-Negotiable”. Work:  There’s work for money. Working for an employer or running a business. And work for […]

YOU: Quintessential Design

Every so often, we shine our lovelight on somelovely in our readership community. To see what amazing things they do, how they do it, why they do it. This time the soft glow turns toward Europe to highlight someone known and loved in many places on the globe. Someone currently spending time in Lyon, France. An architect, designer, artist. A hilarious […]

7 Smartphone Apps to Strengthen Your Meditative Muscles

This is how I’ve come to view mindfulness and smartphones. If we’re going to carry smartphones, why not use them to help us be more mindful sometimes rather than less so?  Technology is, after all, what we make it. It’s up to us how we use it and how it impacts our lives. So, I’m […]