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Seed Screams

I heard something recently that has really stuck with me. The human feeling most analogous to the feeling a seed has when it opens is a scream. Think of how you feel when you scream. Now imagine what it would be like to realize your whole body was about to crack open and that your […]

Take it all back

(Clearing throat) What I’m currently going through. Taking myself back. Still. Despite the urge to spread myself out smoothly, in all my expansive wonder, I’m currently gathering myself back into the jar I come from. Still. Again and again. I started this re-gathering of self months ago. (See previous post “Gather: My Word for 2017″. ) I spent […]

Retreat Street Repeat

>>>>  Retreat Street Repeat > Retreat Street Repeat >>>>   (RE) TREAT. At least a little while every day. Even if it’s sitting in your car in a parking lot for 3 minutes. Any quiet and safe place where you can be alone (if possible) and get still will prove to be a gift. Eyes open […]

Asteya Non-Stealing from Yourself

Do you know the fable about the monkey and the mango tree? It’s a lesson in Asteya, or “non-stealing”. The monkey’s favorite mango tree was in the village near the jungle where the monkey lived. This mango tree seemed to always be covered in big mangoes– so big, the monkey could barely hold a single […]

Meditation for the Right-Brain and Creativity

This one’s for anybody who likes to have fun, feel relaxed, make things happen, go with the flow. ANd there’s a meditation for the right-brain and creativity. It’s about letting your right-brain drive the mindbus. Even if you’ve never ever considered yourself a “creative type” you can still do creative things, right? Why not– it’s […]

Your Spiritual Community in Conflict: Not Always a Bad Thing + A Meditation

A spiritual community in conflict is still spiritual. Still a community. ___________ Our world presents us with a nonstop opportunity to connect with one another. And not just through our phones and the internet– but these days MUCH of what we learn about our world does come to us virtually as opposed to “word of […]

Between Trapezes

I’m in midair, between trapezes. Yep, just like the Coldplay song….. MAYBE I’M IN THE BLACK, MAYBE I’M ON MY KNEES MAYBE I’M IN THE GAP BETWEEN THE TWO TRAPEZES BUT MY HEART IS BEATING AND MY PULSES START CATHEDRALS IN MY HEART ——————————- I’m not a super Coldplay fan, but love the gap between […]

Mudra Card Deck

One of several stories that can be called “The Greening of my Mudra Card Deck” is not about the cards at all, but the packaging of the cards. You think packaging sounds BORING? Okay, so did I a few weeks ago. Today, I feel as if I’ve graduated from “Green Packaging University”. I haven’t lost […]

Do you know your body secrets?

Do you know your body secrets? Who doesn’t like to be in on a good secret? I’m not talking about gossip, or the “dirty little” kind of secret or sneaky, clandestine schemes. I’m talking about the kind of secret that reveals itself like a thrown-open treasure chest of twinkly truths you’ve been dieing to know. […]

Feel it to Heal it

If You Really Want to Heal It, You Gotta Feel It.   So many times in my life I’ve been told, “you say exactly what you think (or what you feel).” My reaction has always been the same. In my mind (not usually out loud) I respond. “No way do I say what I feel, not even close!” […]