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4 Non-Yoga Books for the Yogi’s Bookshelf

This is for everyone of the slightest spiritual ilk. Meditation-lovers Yoga dabblers who make it to a class (5 minutes late) once every 4th blue moon For Purists, whose meditation cushion or yoga mat vibrates with years of their own shakti (translation: energy, self-creation) Teachers  and gurus- whoever you are, we’re all a guru of sorts Yoga = wholeness […]

YOU: “Twice Heroes,” Nisei Veterans, Tom Graves, Author & Photographer

Twice Heroes: America’s Nisei Veterans of WW2 and Korea In their own words, Japanese American Nisei veterans (2nd generation American) recount their battles against wartime suspicion and racism, and of overcoming them with with courage and patriotism (((Every couple of months, we shine our lovelight on someone in our community. This time the soft glow is upon […]