Early Work & Selections from
the Series “Chasing the Fog: Learning to Breathe”

by Catherine Just
This photo gallery accompanies an interview with Catherine Just about Photography and Deep Seeing, the meaning behind her photos, the story of how she got into her photography and her life with her son, Max.

“Learning how to express what’s going on underneath the surface of my every day life through images was life changing. I was very insecure and through this medium, I was able to find a way to express visually what was so painful for me to express verbally…So the work I’m doing is just my own style, mainly using self portraiture and objects to metaphorically discuss the underworld, the shadow, the conversations that go unsaid, the river that’s running underneath what’s seen.”  -- Catherine Just

Catherine Just is an award winning photographer, artist and mentor. Her photographs have been published on the cover of National Geographic Magazine, Oprah.com, Photo District News Magazine, The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte, on the websites KateNorthrup.com, MiguelRuiz.com.

Catherine uses the camera as a tool for transformation. She’s been called a modern day Shaman and a true artist. She hunts and captures what lives underneath the surface of our external realities. Catherine shows her fine art photography in galleries worldwide, offers mentoring programs and online courses. Her commercial clients hire her for her fine art aesthetic.

Catherine has a 5 year old son named Max Harrison, who happens to have Down syndrome. She advocates for him through photography, sharing photos that focus on the similarities rather than the differences. She posts photos of him regularly on instagram. 

Catherine’s website is www.catherinejust.com
Find her on Instagram @cjust