I have always valued community, but especially so in the last year or so.

Whether it’s calling a friend and catching up on their news, meeting friends for drinks or with complete strangers for a political meeting, genuine connection to other humans has saved me so much stress and existential dread.

Can you relate?

Teaching yoga (or anything, really) is an organic way to build community. I love how bonds between people just build over time, how you can grow to care for someone (say that person whose mat is usually next to yours every week) without even knowing their name.

I’m inspired more than ever by and conscious community. I’ve sought out and thankfully found some really good ones. I’ve gained so much inspiration and have healed so much from the support of other conscious people. Some of these people actually work as healers while others do any number of things for a living but are healers nonetheless.

Some people are healers by virtue of who they are in their heart, how they live and relate to other humans and the planet. 

They might not have life “all figured out”. They may cry pretty much everyday (as I do). They may struggle in so many ways. But they are healers.

These are my people.

I want to gather The Healers. who also might be The World Weary.

And also The World Wonderers. Dreamers, Inquirers, Adventurers, Storytellers, Revolutionaries and Changemakers.

You might’ve noticed this as something I’ve been up to… conscious community building…. with women’s circles and other non-yoga or meditation projects.

One of the most effective and meaningful ways of building conscious community that I found is in collaboration with other community builders in other mediums/ disciplines/ industries.

I’m fortunate to have created a number of conscious offerings– from online courses to public events– with some really cool people.

One of my favorites so far isn’t a course or an event, it’s a magical offering that is a little hard to pigeonhole. And that’s a good thing, because this offering is so very creative as well as magical.

I’m talking about Celestial Embodiment with Kristina Wingeier, the Cosmic Muse.

I’m happy to say Kristina and I are doing another round of Celestial Embodiment. And this one is radically different!

For one thing, this one is about the collective, about connection and building bonds. We’re using the metaphor of a bus tour/ road trip.

And we’ll be driving this metaphorical bus into the upcoming eclipse season together.

Eclipse seasons are portals you can enter as one version of yourself and come out the other end as another version, hopefully a version that has grown. Historically, eclipse seasons are about shaking things up. If you’re like Kristina and me, you feel well shaken already!

We wanted to create a refuge for this upcoming eclipse season. So that we don’t have to go through the next few months alone. So that we can not only survive, but look for ways to thrive in all the chaos.

Kristina and I are writing a story out of the astrological “forecast” that can serve as our framework for our gathering.

We’ll have playlists as well as embodiment practices and rituals for each eclipse.

We’ll smash a coconut or three.

We’ll have a private Instagram group where we’ll curate images, inspire commentary, do live broadcasts and have lots of fun.

So, not just a metaphorical bus ride, but a joyride.

If you feel tempted, consider getting on the bus with us.

Not matter what, we are all in this together. And we all have a role we can play in a greater collective vision. Nothing short of the birthing of a new paradigm.

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope you’ll join us.