Celestial Embodiment:
Joyride through Eclipse Season

Celestial Embodiment is a virtual gathering of the tribes who know they’re made of stardust.

Those who feel called to merge their unique magic with a greater collective vision.

It's a 6 week long creative exploration of embodied astrology.

We weave together story, intention, practice, rituals and discernment into a tapestry of new possibilities.

This is a virtual offering, but much of what you do doesn't have to be through a computer screen. 

We want to inspire you, to ground you in your body and community and to soothe your senses.

this round of Celestial Embodiment is both a Road Trip and a Refuge.

Road trip because we are all driving into the eclipse portal.

Refuge because eclipses come along every 6 months to shake things up.

If you’re anything like us, you might feel well shaken already.

We asked ourselves the question, how do we survive this?

And somewhere in our answer arose another question:
Why merely survive? Can we thrive in the chaos?

This road trip refuge is our answer to this question.


You’re invited to get on the bus with us.
Eclipse season happens to everyone. 
Why not drive into the eclipse season portal with like minded people?

Here's the heart of this mission's desires and how you can benefit by joining us:
  • Waking up while having fun
  • Re-Shaping a challenge into an adventure
  • Experimenting with ways to thrive in chaos, because, why just survive?
  • Tuning in to ourselves while reaching out to one another
  • Transforming a bumpy ride into a joy ride
We'll also be donating 10% of the proceeds of Celestial Embodiment to RAICES, a charity that provides education & legal services to migrant children & parents who cross the US border. We want to express our GRATITUDE for the opportunity to serve, to give back and to help in this small way. And when you join us on the bus, you'll be helping out too.

Beyond surviving. thriving in chaos

Experientially speaking, eclipses are the "Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride" of astrology. Wildly unpredictable, eclipses can be just another a daunting challenge that must be undertaken while trying to survive.

What if you flip the script and approach this eclipse season as a radical waking up to the truth of who you are?

See the rampant chaos and rapid change as an invitation to shape the change you've always wanted?

A reminder to steer clear of the drama, hype and dire predictions that are rampant in popular culture right now? (As much as that is possible.)

The Leo/Aquarius axis is an avenue for working with certain dualities in ourselves.

Like bringing balance to the heart and mind.

Showing up fully as an exquisite and unique individual while also joining hands with the collective that is birthing the new paradigm on earth.

Some questions to consider:

  • How can I lead from my heart and still feel sensible and safe?
  • What is my own definition of "authentic"?
  • How can my passions actually help me be of service?

A few things YOU'LL DO WHEN YOU get on the bus with us.

We’ll provide you with a map for the journey.

Here's some of the things you'll do...

Look at the sky & planets with Kristina's audio guidance to help you orient, savor the beauty, symbolism and the feelings they bring you.

Explore dance-based movement with Tina that focuses your attention on how the movement FEELS rather than how it looks. (This movement system is Qoya - see below).

You get to smash a coconut (or three). For real, it’s one of the rituals we'll do during the eclipses.

Listen to stories and music, as you drive, rest in bed, do the dishes, live your life. Created and curated for each eclipse.

Journal or work in any number of ways through creative prompts.

Enjoy REAL TALK with like minded people in our private Instagram group, where we'll be sharing images and words to inspire conversation and take us all deeper.

Relax at profound levels with people from all over the world. One of the live calls will conclude with Yoga Nidra guided by Tina. 

Share with the group
 any or all of your work and experiences, verbally on the calls, through images, audio/ video and comments in the IG group.

We are curating a playful but meaningful experience because we want this to feel GOOD-- to us as well as you.

Your Tour guides: who we are + WHAT WE OFFER

Kristina will provide astro translations that will make you laugh, because laughter is good medicine. She'll set the stage by helping us navigate the timestreams of eclipse season. In a sense, all of Celestial Embodiment comes out of these astro translations. And, don't worry, Kristina is a master at making these translations accessible and easy to understand. In fact, these translations will be stories. And each eclipse a story chapter. (More about the chapters below under "Road Map for this Eclipse Season)

Tina is pretty funny too, and will help us smooth out our nervous systems and settle in. She'll share technologies for drawing the esoteric stuff down into our tissues so it all can be alchemized into real, everyday actions. Also, she's creating a special movement practice for each eclipse. These Eclipse Movement Practices will all be drawn from Qoya, a dance-based movement system all about how a movement feels rather than how it looks.


JULY 12th:
New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer - {activation}

STORY CHAPTER: Seeding an Ephemeral Dream, Imagining the Future We Want to Live In

JULY 27th:
Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - {amplification} 

  The Hungry Ghosts get Rowdy, Collective Cord Cutting 

AUGUST 11th:
New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo - {transformation} 

STORY CHAPTER:  This Land is your Land, Embody It, Returning to the Promised Land & Reclaiming Our Power


JULY 9th:
orientation for journey
+ prep for eclipse #1
live call #1 7/10

JULY 16th:
post eclipse check in and integration

JULY 23rd:
working with Mercury Retrograde
+ prep for eclipse #2

JULY 30th:
post eclipse check in/integration
+ live call 8/1
(that will conclude with a guided Yoga Nidra group practice)

putting it all together
+ prep for eclipse #3

AUGUST 13th:
post eclipse check in/integration


Audios & Videos

Creative Prompts

A special playlist for each eclipse

Qoya dance/ guided movement

Live calls, one of which will conclude with a live
group Yoga Nidra Tina is creating just for the event

A private IG group where we meet, curate images, do live broadcasts & discuss

Opportunities to work 1:1 with Tina and/or Kristina


Wow! You ladies have put together a wonderful offering. I don't know if I can fully express how much I'm enjoying it. I truly feel like I've been able to embody the celestial beings.... As I've been looking back in my journal writings I can see the reflections of these bodies in my moods & thoughts. The mudras seem to amplify the clarity I've received and help me to move the energy through and out of my body. 
--- Stephanie H.

We are the World Weary. The World Wonderers. 
The Adventurers, Inquirers, Healers, Dreamers & Changemakers. 

And we are ALL in this together.

Come as you are. No yoga, meditation or astrology experience needed.

And this is not a course. Nothing to keep up with or measure up to.

Feel called to get on the bus with us?
We would LOVE to have you. 

Here are the links to book your seat.
Celestial Embodiment is a Cosmic Collaboration between Tina Foster, Kristina Wingeier and YOU.