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Only the hardest rock of a person could escape being affected by our current world. It’s intense, right?

And now, winter and spring seasons are battling it out in their yearly tug of war. ((Come on Spring, you can do it , baby!))

We know Spring will eventually triumph.

One of the ways I keep things light and peaceful. I allow nature’s patterns to carry me. I take refuge in the reliability of day to night, the seasons and the cycles of the sun and moon.

Thank goodness Nature has her own timeclock that ticks at a different frequency than our speedy modern busy-maker timeclock, which defaults to the “time scarcity” setting.

Thank goodness it’s not just the tides that are affected by the moon. We are as well.

And did you know that the fire perpetually exploding in the earth’s core is also affected by the moon? I only learned this fascinating fact a few months ago, and I love it, that the moon’s power can penetrate all that hard rock to its very center….

….And I also love that the moon has exactly the same effect on our core. Our guts and nervous system have a very fine tuned connection to the ongoing shifts in gravitational pull, for one thing.

Our bodies are straight up made of stardust. The design of the human brain is a kind of hologram of (what we now know about) the design of the universe.

I never get enough learning about the Cosmic Body, what Walt Whitman called, The Body Electric, and so when I get around a physicist, astronomer, or a skygazing geek, I CAN’T RESIST sharing with them what I know about the cosmos in the body and picking their brain for what they know of the body– or bodies– out there in the cosmos.

This is how it started with the cosmic muse Kristina Wingeier. We wanted to make a collaborative course about the human embodiment of the cosmos, so we started to plan. And in our planning we kind of just kept blowing each others minds and walking away from the conversations SUPERCHARGED with the most shimmering  creative energy.

The Birth of Celestial Embodiment. A movement about how we embody the cosmos. From the top down and the bottom up.