Dream Temple


Dream Temple

  • is a virtual version of years of In-person work my embodied rest clients and I explored as a way of attuning waking and sleeping life.
  • is named after the temples in Ancient Greece where people went to retreat, rest and examine their dreams with caring attention out of curiosity and healing intention.

Dream Temple

  • is part DREAM CIRCLE - a gathering to explore & share our dreams to deepen our relationships as a collective 
  • is part DREAM LAB - a space to learn & experiment - to strengthen the bond between daydreaming, life dreaming (aka desires / goals) & night dreaming

What's your relationship to your night-dreams?

Do you interpret your dreams upon waking? Or wonder what they might mean?

Dreams can be fun to "have" and talk about, but are they important to our waking lives?

Are night dreams a part of our meaning-making? 

Do you think it's possible to "have a say" in what we dream?

Is it possible to bring the creativity of our day dreams into our night dreams?

These are some of the questions we'll be asking in dream temple.

In addition to thinking about our answers, we'll open to the answers our dreams offer us. 


Dream Temple will be in session for 3 consecutive Tuesdays.

WHEN: March 23 - April 6 | 12pm - 1:30pm Pacific
WHERE: Over Zoom (with recordings for those unable to attend live)
PRICE: $55 (Pay via Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. Your choice)

-- Teaching/Instruction
-- Practice of a practice you'll do on your own throughout the week
-- Breakout sessions with dyads and triads (no obligation to breakout)
-- Share our dreams and experiences working with them (no obligation to share)

-- Fill the form using the link below.
-- Pay via Zelle, PayPal or Venmo.
-- Once your payment is received, you're fully enrolled and will receive confirmation.


Q: Is Dream Temple about our day dreams, our life dreams (aka desires and goals) or our night dreams?

A: All three, because these realms aren't as separate as they might seem.
In fact, they are meant to reinforce one another.

However, our lived experience is different.

Our day dreams are playful and give us a break.

Our life dreams (aka desires/goals) are more 
serious but are mostly manageable. 

Our night dreams are more of a free-for-all, pretty unpredictable and therefore more difficult to navigate.

Night dreams can be like rain-- a wash, if not a storm, like it or not. 

Is there potential for night dreaming agency?
Can we curate and work with our sleeping dreams as fluently as our day and "life" dreams? 

For me, the answer is YES. Is success guaranteed? No.

But dreamwork is fun and always of value.
We're unlikely to become Dream Masters, but mindful and kind awareness helps bridge the gaps between our different dream realms. 


Q: Will we be learning a method or technique?

A: Yes. Simply put, we'll adapt and apply aspects of Yoga Nidra and other "Sleep Yogas" to the ends of: 
-- opening up a clearer channel between wakefulness and sleep
-- strengthening the communication flowing through that channel in interest of more wholeness and coherency.


Q: Is "lucid dreaming" involved in Dream Temple?

A: No, lucid dreaming is a heavier, more complicated form of dreamwork that's beyond our scope and maybe not even desirable at all.


Q: How much can really be changed in our dream relationship in 3 weekly sessions (the length of Dream Temple)?

A: This first iteration of Dream Temple is designed to give a little taste of what is possible.
For some, this little taste will be more than enough to work with for a long time, maybe forever.

For others, 3 sessions might be just enough to activate a healthy appetite for deeper, more longterm work.  

There's a follow up to Dream Temple on the ready for anyone with more appetite.
However, the follow up will likely only be open to those who've done this first Dream Temple, as we'll be using the same tools and resources in a more advanced way.


Q: Can I pay with another method besides the three you've offered, such as by check or via Square?

A: Sure, keeping in mind your enrollment completes once I've received payment.
Just email me and let's talk.