Everyday Breath Awareness


Why Does Breath Matter?

Breath is our essential lifeforce-- our most basic need. We can exist far longer without food, water or sleep than we can without breath.  

When our breath is out of whack, other parts of our self and life go out of whack. We can begin to have health issues with "no known cause", our thinking becomes somehow erratic, our emotions fall out of balance. The effects of dysfunctional breath are often subtle, but far reaching.

By reconnecting to our breath, we can regain control of the deeper layers of our self and life. But, we need to know how to reconnect again and again throughout our every day lives and how to shift out of dysfunctional breathing on-the-fly.

Learn how to breathe better. How to explore your breath WITH CARE so you're not left feeling depleted or over-stimulated or -- goddess forbid-- both at the same time!

Begin to Breathe Better. 
All Day, Every Day.

We'll spend meditative time **bringing our conscious awareness to our breath before beginning to manipulate the breath even slightly.

This makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. It's also ridiculously relaxing.

Slow, conscious preparation building to a brisker, lung-sweeping breath that builds abdominal strength and aids digestion in addition to cleaning the body on the most energetic level.

Breath is more subtle than the body, but more gross than the mind. Therefore, it's positioned perfectly to bring mind & body together.
Sat, June 24

(6 people only)
My Studio, Mission San Francisco

Breath lies at the crux of wellbeing. It's an amazing way to take back mind and body + polish them up to their original sparkle and power.  You'll leave this workshop feeling very relaxed in your body, and clear and crisp in your mind.