Meditative Eye Postures: not only are they a thing, they’ve been around for aeons.

My latest article on Elephant Journal.

How our eyes affect our mood. Meditative postures that help ur mood via our eyes.

Here’s an excerpt:

buddhaWhen our eyes aren’t well, we aren’t well.


Burning eyes = burning mood. Tired eyes = tired mood = tired ideas.

I’m suggesting the acronym SLATS—Stop Looking At The Screen. May it fully integrate into our urban language.

A 5 letter reminder written on a sticky note attached to our monitor. Or posted to the Facebook profile of a co-worker friend: 

“Yo, SLATS!” (Code for, “uh, delete your last comment and stop looking at the screen!”)

When we see something disgusting or horrific, we avert our eyes immediately before we even consciously make the choice to do so. Yet, we’re often unable to heed the alarm-signal our overworked eyes send us through pain, blurred vision and crappy moods caused by marathon screen-staring…

My latest article on Elephant Journal.

Please share, especially with anyone who would enjoy them that they could help. Try them yourself and let me know how they work for you.

How our eyes affect our mood. Meditative postures for our eyes that also help our mood.

Do them anywhere including @ your desk.

Here’s the link.



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