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My word for 2017 is GATHER. I didn’t even know I was looking for a word for the year until the last few weeks of 2016.

The word GATHER started to find its way into my sentences. What’s more, I liked how I felt when I uttered the word. Gather. A feeling of gravitas and grounding. A sense of wrapping my arms around a Horn of Plenty. Holding in order to protect and love, not simply to own.

And so GATHER it is.

Sitting with the word over the holiday in New York City,  I realized I had unintentionally spread myself thin over the last few years.

So, I spent the first few days of 2017 gathering myself.

I stayed close to home. Alone time at my kitchen table scribbling notes by hand– into a journal, a moon calendar and a daily planner.

I also stared at the walls, cleared my closets, head and heart. Made space for the precious new things I’d be gathering.

Now I begin to SLOWLY and CONSCIOUSLY decide which resources and people to gather– towards my heart, my studio, my tribe.

And how I will also allow myself to be gathered towards other people’s farther flung hearts, inner spaces and places. Gathering with other tribes, other vibes.

I’m looking forward to learning and loving– in the form of EXPERIENCE.

I hope you’ll gather with me.

Here are some specific changes I’ve made so far and why:::

— My only weekly class — for a while, at least– will be FRIDAYS, 9:30 – 10:30 am at my studio.
I’ve spent decades building yoga businesses for others and helping other studios pay their rent. Sometimes with very little support– even from the business owners themselves. No regrets. I did it for the love.

But, now, it’s time to gather and apply my gifts solely to my own yoga business and studio rent. I know the magic in my teaching and in my client/student relationships will really start to sizzle thanks to this very strong but DAMNED EASY decision.

— I’ll be doing more events in my studio this year.
Consistently I hear that events– be they classes, workshops or retreats at my own studio offer MORE of what matters– deeper calm, sweeter friendships, richer rewards.– in comparison to the same events at other studios. Naturally. My studio is where I dream, practice, create offerings and work with clients. All my love is gathered there.

— I’ll be collaborating with like-minded teachers, practitioners, artists, maybe you.
I think we’ll all be needing extra connection in 2017. Already this year a record number of people have reached out to me about possible collaboration (thank you universe).

Discussions are wide ranging:: workshops, retreats, courses, experiences. With yogis and non-yogis. Online offerings and in person ideas. Some people want to come to San Francisco, some want me to come to them.

I’m thoroughly enjoying thinking and talking about all of it.

GET READY TO MEET AND LOVE SOME NEW PEOPLE  IN SF!! And, if you live elsewhere, I might just meet up with you in your own town !!

Gather with me in 2017! I’ll help you gather yourself and your gifts– old and new. Here’s to hugging in The Bounty.  Growing and glowing n ever increasing numbers!

How does this sound?

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