Happy 10th Birthday to this Blog

As of this month, October 2018, this blog is 10 years old.

I don’t know about you, but for me, 10 years is a long time to write the same newsletter, so I’m feeling happy disbelief and a bit celebratory.

This blog has changed a lot over time and has always been what we needed it to be during any particular phase of it’s history.

Maybe you’re new here.

Maybe you’ve been around since it’s birth 10 years ago.

Here are some of my first blogposts (that I still love).

One of the first was about the less-discussed (internal/philosophical) experience of Sun Salutations.

Meditation was most inspiring to write about. An early post that’s still popular is Roam if You Want To, Inner Wilderness Awaits You  about the benefits of wandering and risk taking during meditation practice– letting go of the safe, reliable meditation techniques we have trained ourselves in.

This “Inner Wilderness” post is special. Writing it sparked my passion for helping people find and customize their own meditation practices according to their unique needs and intentions. My students and people like you helped me understand that one of the main reasons people struggle in meditation is because they are taught traditional practices in the form of cookiecutter, “1 size fits all” techniques.

I’m so grateful to my students and clients who were willing to “roam” the wilder places in themselves and to experiment in practice, find their meditative sweet spot and begin to craft what they discovered into a practice that fit.

Since then, I’ve helped guide 1000’s of people on personal journeys to uncover and refine a uniquely personal practice. In my studio here in San Francisco, online, over video calls, in corporate environments, on retreats and of course in classes.

Give yourself permission to experiment with your practice. Especially if you find yourself bored or discouraged. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up. No meditation practice is worth that!

You can’t bully yourself into happiness and calm!

Here are a few more of my most popular posts with quotes.

Heart as Love Machine: Love as Lifeforce ::::

“Because love and lifeforce mutually generate one another, yogic cosmology sees love and lifeforce as flowing together– from one living thing to another, animating the entire universe. In one sense, love is everywhere and comes to us gratis, but also can be wisely cultivated and nurtured. In an everyday example, the care we give a plant, how much or how little we give, is passed on to others–  as oxygen, and sometimes as food, clothing, shelter or medicine.”

The Yoga of Tears ::::

“How can breakdowns that occur during practice be transformed into breakthroughs?

Yoga provides a way to skillfully hold space for whatever we experience, including emotional release.  These darker emotional visitors aren’t meant to be scary or embarrassing. They can be used as tools or even become our friends in a weird friend sort of way.”

Most of a Minute Meditation ::::

“No time to meditate?  (Sigh.) Think again, my friend! Here’s how you can work magic in just 1 little minute…”

Autumn: Season of Dissolution & Dark Mirrors ::::

“Life: less like a sprint
to a finish line and more like a squat, jump – arms and legs spread at a height –
& landing again in a bouncy squat.
Autumn is Destiny softening into the earth.

Then inside the dark earth

a *pop.

A quiet mini explosion up and out.

This is happening somewhere, right now, always.

When I see only darkness in a grey sky, my own darkness is being mirrored back at me.”



You are the reason that I am here now typing out these words on the Internet Machine.