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What is Mantra Meditation?

Speaking a word or phrase silently to yourself or out loud, usually in repetitions throughout the day or during an established duration of practice; use of a word or phrase (its meaning, sound and “feeling”) as a tool to re-frame or reinforce mindset
Who is Mantra meditation is easiest or most natural for?
  • verbal and/or auditory learners
  • those who think in words
  • those with a sense of the “feeling” of words in addition to their meaning
  • those who are sensitive to sound, tones and/or textures
  • people who enjoy rhythm or have a good sense of rhythm
  • people who believe that what they say and think affects how they feel
  • people interested in re-framing their mindset or social behavior
  • people whose mind asks for something to “do” during practice
  • people who can apply practical approaches without needing to “think them through”
Who is Mantra meditation is most challenging/most helpful for?
  • for visual learners
  • for nonverbal types
  • for those prone to mineral chatter or who need internal quiet
  • for those who want to change the way they show up in social situations
How you’ll benefit from practicing of mantra meditation:
  • re-focus or re-direct your mindset
  • change habits, behavior and routines
  • breakthrough blocks, get unstuck
  • reinforce and strengthen positivity and feelings of warmth toward others
  • deepen your insight through repetition
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