Meditation Quiz: Which Meditation Technique is Best for You? Find Your Natural Practice.

Meditation Quiz: What Meditation Technique is Best for You?

Two of the most common reasons people list for why they don’t practice meditation are:

  • “No idea which technique to use.
  •  The techniques they’ve tried in the past “didn’t feel right for them personally.”

This meditation quiz will help you find a technique that’s easy and natural for you to practice. One that uses the skills, talents and habits that are already at work in your life.


Once you have your result, we can email you a free guide to your technique that you can keep. 

If you’re ready to explore deeper, the Meditation-Mapping Toolkit for your Technique is waiting to help you design a practice that will grow with you over time. You’ll learn to improvise with confidence and adapt your practice to meet any situation…

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First Question:

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