Work with Tina


This is your invitation to work with me in the deepest, closest, most rewarding, fun yet calm way possible. Are you ready? Let's dive right in.

I'm currently opening my Summer to those ready to mentor with me one-to-one.

Embodied Living. Me, You, rooting into life + what feels true.

Your first session can be as early as May 13 and your last can be as late as Aug. 31.

Meet weekly, or as your schedule allows + email/ text support between.

Investment can be paid all at once, monthly payment plan or per session.

Who, what, when, where + INVESTMENT

Who I'm looking to work with.
I'm looking for 2 kinds of people. 

First, anyone making a big/ challenging mindset or consciousness shift.

Second, teachers, facilitators, guides, healers honing their craft or birthing a new body of work
What we might do.
I'll help you create a space safe for dreaming, experimenting and/ or making shifts happen.

I'll pause and reflect alongside you. When you're ready to be nudged, I'll help you find the confidence.

I'll roll up my sleeves and dig in with you. Shine a warm light into your world of possibility. Mine for your inner gold.
When & Where + Investment.
Your first session can be as early as May 13 and complete as late as August 31st.

We'll meet weekly, as you're available + email/text support between.

If you're in the Bay Area and able to meet in person, we'll work at my Mission Street Studio. If you need to work remotely, we'll meet via Zoom.

Pay all at once, a monthly plan or per session.
Mentoring is about relating as much as learning.
An alchemical mix of teaching,
coaching (support and encouragement),
consulting-- fresh and loving eyes upon us--
as we surf the waves of change,
daring to make a mess

as we shift the frameworks of our lives and
trusting our inner knowing a little more.
Beyond "learning" how or what to do
you'll walk away with an innate understanding
that will serve you beyond our work. 
You'll step forward feeling rooted in
your vision and flowing with more ease and purpose.
If you're ready to make a big shift
or are in the midst of one already...

If you're honing your craft in a new way
or birthing a new body of work

And you don't want to make the journey alone
(even though you capable of doing so)...

Why not work with me this summer?

I'm a teacher, coach and consultant.
I am wildly creative and change-loving.
(Though change isn't always a piece
of red velvet cake on a silver platter)
I'm practical and supportive.
I'm 54 years old and have lived an
adventurous life of love and loss.

I believe in you.

Tina Foster in Foster and Flourish studio

This work has organically grown from
several decades of learning from my clients.

Hearing their stories of unwanted change,
how they got that scar.

The juiciness of sitting down with them,
rolling up my sleeves and helping them figure out
what they need to heal.

Witnessing that look of fear on their face just before
they finally took a certain leap.

Getting lost together-- on purpose--
then finding our way to a new place.

Bucketfulls of shared laughter and tears.

I have always worked deep and
I love a good problem
(a clump of dirt that holds seeds of solution).


Contact me with your question, info or to set up a time for a call.