Mentoring Summer 2019

This page can help you decide if we're (you and me) "a good fit" at this time in our lives, if our paths align in a way that might inspire and support you.

First, a bit of background. Historically, I've tended to draw mentees from my client base-- people I'm already working with. I'm excited. For first time in years, I'm extending invitations to my broader community. Therefore, I especially look forward to seeing who steps up and what they want to work on.

HOWEVER, some of those who show up for this work MIGHT NOT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO.

Yet, somewhere in our being, we always know when we're ready for a change, even if our conscious mind is still foggy about it all, right?

You don't have to guess what you want, do what you "should" do or get mired down in the decision-making process. We can inquire deeper into your experiences, uncover your heart's desires and your inner knowing.

Making a shift, honing a craft or birthing a body of new work:

Here's more about what I mean when I say I'm looking to work with people making or wanting to make a shift, or someone honing their craft or birthing a new body of work.


You might be able to name your desires with precise language and perhaps even describe how these desires will look, feel and what they'll help you do.

Or you might not have language and images. You might just know how you want to feel and that you're ready to design a life that will nurture those feelings.

And you know that seeking more support will help it all unfold in a clearer, smoother, more aligned and, yes, a more pleasurable way.

Here are some examples of things others showed up looking for support with:

-- they'd gained a ton of insight from years of therapy and want to "do stuff" with what they'd learned.
-- left a longterm relationship a few months ago, were moving cross country and opening to a more spiritual path.
-- they were craving creative connection and someone to help birth a new exciting phase in their work.
-- they'd retired and wanted to write the book they wished they'd had when first starting their career.
-- an alumn of one of my trainings ready to make the material TOTALLY THEIRS.
You don't have to do it all alone.

I'll explore, learn and get inspired with you.  More about me.