Mentoring Summer 2019

One of the most valuable gifts mentoring offers is that we learn from our own experience in a very intentional way. Our Inner Teacher muscles are tested and strengthened alongside the nurturing support and encouragement we receive.

Working with me this summer, you'll be offered lots of magical, practical tools that I've created and honed over the last few decades.


Some of these tools have unique names coined as they emerged from my past work with people like you...

Some of the meditative tools are:

-- Meditation-Mapping (the art and science creating and evolving meditative practices that grow along with you) 

-- Gathering at the Goldmine (digging into your felt experience unearthing and gathering your innate wisdom, emotional intelligence and sharpest insight) 

-- Wish Work (inquiring into who you really are in your deeper layers and what you really want in this life)

And movement and traditional practices to set the ideas and desires into the body:

-- yoga asana

-- meditative movement

-- Yoga Nidra
 and other conscious deep relaxation techniques

-- mudra and the yoga of the hands

Just to name a few.

There are so many resources awaiting the right person(s) for this work.

We'll use only the tools you need to cultivate, build or dismantle whatever you're working on in the moment.


When someone is truly rooting for you, there's an extra helping of confidence to take risks that you've been trying to muster the courage to take or maybe even risks you thought you'd never dare to take.

Together we'll find the way to help you get free, embrace what really embraces you & cultivate the world you want to live in.