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New Blog for the Modern Meditation Community

You might know already that we’ve recently launched Meditation for Non-Meditators: the (Forever) Beginner’s Blog. It’s our gift to ourselves and the meditation community. It’s the meditation blog we’ve always dreamed of but could never find.

You might be wondering WHY a 2nd blog? Will the 1st blog keep going? Answers for YOU– >>

  • Q: Regarding the new blog….What kind of meditation blog were we (or maybe just Tina) looking for, dreaming of and not finding?
  • A: Meditation websites seem to come in a few stock varieties, such as….
  1. Ones defined by tradition (Buddhist, for example) or a technique (Transcendental Meditation, for example.)
  2. Another variety: Limited to “How To” or “Self-Help.”

So I wondered, “who serves the general meditator?”

  • Those who’re satisfied with whatever level of guidance they’re receiving – from a teacher, an app, a youtube video or something their grandma taught them. 
  • People who love meditation but aren’t ready to go off to a monastery or commit to a life-shifting program…
  • But are interested enough to want intelligent discussions about the practice (beyond HOW TO)
  • Who are curious about how their peers practice and what they have to share. Easy to imagine lots of people like this. Who’s serving them?”

I feel very strongly that the most compelling meditation stories of today aren’t being told at all. Yet. And I’m willing to bet that Jack Kornfield, The Dalai Lhama or Deepak Chopra would agree with this.

  • Q: Tina, you already have a blog where you often talk about meditation and offer guided meditations. Why the heck are you making another one?
  • A: I want to make a meditation blog that’s bigger than me, not about me, that is community, growth, with blog-eyes looking out at the world and blogger-hands of many colors shapes and sizes reaching in and creating. I personally don’t really know what it’s going to become. << This last bit is my WHY.
  • Q: Will you continue with your original blog here on Foster & Flourish?
  • A: Yes, short of my typing-hand falling off. And this newsletter will be where I continue to speak in a personal way and where all my personal offerings and events will be announced.
  • Q: As a subscriber to this newsletter, will I be automatically subscribed to any emails coming out from the meditation blog? 
  • A: No. The meditation blog has an entirely different list. 

Thanks for asking and listening!………. You all keep me on my toes.

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