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Do you think of yourself as a leader? Why or why not?

I remember being surprised as a child when someone called me a leader. What about you?

For me, there was something kind of…. unnecessary about the title….. and also kind of uncomfortable, like a stiff, over-starched collar that hinders the flow of movement.

I didn’t want to lead, per se. I only ever wanted to make cool things happen.

And sometimes in the process of making things happen, I’d have to take on the title of  “Leader”.

Back then, The Leader was often the loudest voice in the room and had the most framed certificates hanging on their wall.

I was introverted and a rebel, not an overachiever. Hence, the starched collar reaction. The starched collar people seemed like they still had something they were trying to prove. To someone. But, not to me.


A few days ago, I wrote this on Instagram:

“when I was young, what I wanted out of work was not to be a hero, but a part of a conscious collective that I co-created with like-minded people, and this is what I have found, what I am working on.”

Writing those words, I was thinking about what was necessary to make a dream come true. What all the most joyous successes have in common.

For one thing, every joyous success story has passionate characters inspired to get up off their bums and do “the work” out of love rather than reward.

Goals are necessary, sure. But joyous successes aren’t about chasing the goal day to day like a carrot on a stick. Love of the work, self-challenge and the delight of making magic happen fuel the effort.

Not everyone needs or even wants The Leader title. Yet, every member of a joyously successful group can be called a leader.

This type of leader doesn’t rise through the ranks of competition and/ or bootstrapping to be King of the Mountain.

They take responsibility for their lives as individuals and respect themselves enough to be real. With themselves, then with their team.

They want to be accountable to their communities.

And these joyously successful communities are resilient through collaboration and caring. A community that comes together in the spirit of Alignment, not oneupmanship.

At its best, this is how the Yoga Community and other spiritual communities come together. Through organic alignment to consciously co-create a larger, harmonious body of work.

Within the New School Leadership model, everyone enters the space ready to look into their own thoughts and actions for what is real. 

Often, everyone ends up being the leader of something. And because of the joy, things just flow.

Think of a time you joined forces with others to make a dream happen.

You knew not to show up with a starched collar attitude. A starched collar is too tight to flow and too hot once you work up a sweat.

This type of embodied, inspired work is more like a practice than a race.

Also, it’s lonely being King of the Mountain. Plus, all the manifesting is solely up to the King, unless (s)he enslaves the others. OUCH. Then the joy is replaced by manipulation and obligation.


Back to the question at the top of the page.

If you answered “no, I’m not a leader,”  look into your idea of leadership.

Is it brittle and dusty? Is its collar stiff and starchy? Is there a King of the Mountain holding your dreams hostage?

Take the dream back! And then let the dream lead you. Become a leader without feeling like you’re trying.

In no time, you’ll be a beacon doing that work that you love, shining bright with enthusiasm. People will notice and will quickly join you.

This is New School Leadership.

Finding the guru within and  helping others find their inner gurus and letting each part of the leadership body shine.

New School Leadership has a built-in way of smoothing out (lovingly) anyone lapsing into King of the Mountain Song and Dance. There’s always the reminder to loosen one’s collar. To Breathe.

There are these wonderful, glowing small Leader Ships sailing everywhere these days, including right where each of us lives.

We call this shiny, bright brand of leadership “New School Leadership”. The Yoga of Leadership could apply just as well. We know this model hasn’t just been invented- it’s as old as time itself.

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I see you.

Let’s get to work. What shall we make?