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No Time to Meditate? Try “Most-of-a Minute-Meditation”

Hi Tech BackgroundNo time to meditate?  (Sigh.)

Think again, my friend!

Here’s how you can work magic in just 1 little minute.


  •  No timer is required.
  • Do it anytime, anywhere….when you’re alone in the stairwell, the elevator, stuck in traffic, while the kids are occupied with something besides you…..
  • Eyes closed, unless open feels better.
  • Note that you have only 1 minute.
  • Get curious about how much you can make of that minute.
  • But it’s not a performance test, it’s an exploration. Where you don’t go looking for anything. It all comes to you.
  • Nothing to lose, just lots to discover.

Here it is. Couldn’t be Simpler:

6 inhales counting silently, 5 seconds each.

And 6 exhales counting silently, 5 seconds each.

After each breath cycle (1 inhale/exhale), raise 1 finger.

Stop when 6 fingers are raised.

That’s it.

This is how you will spend your allotted minute.

Just 6 complete breaths. Allow them to be good.


Don’t try to enjoy– or even try to feel better.

Be curious about how each breath becomes slower, deeper, smoother, more natural.

You’ll feel like you’re BEING breathed rather than DOING your breathing.


The key is to remain aware of how potentially sweet the short minute can be.


(After you’re done, if you have another few seconds,

just sit with your inner lens wide open and notice how you feel.

That’s your BONUS.)


Then, continue this feeling into whatever you do next.

Keep your inner lens wide open through the next thing. And the next.
I call this “Most of a Minute Meditation.”
It’s nothing fancy, which is why it’s so awesome.

Sometimes, less time inspires higher quality.
When I can bring the feeling I have after the minute
into subsequent minutes, it’s like I’m still meditating
while getting my stuff done.

Even unpleasant, dreaded tasks are a little less so.
The lingering meditation feeling allows a little distance between the Self
and the bothersome feeling.

Eventually, the meditation feeling and the lens are forgotten. Fine.
Instead of wasting the next minute judging, especially if time feels scarce,

Remember the meditation feeling or do another minute.

Make good on making the most of every minute.