Mentoring Summer 2019

Pay 5 or 10 Sessions all at once.
This option is given highest priority + is the most cost and time efficient in the short and long term.

Pay, book up to 5 or 10 appointments at once, done.

We'll meet, according to your schedule, 5 or 10 times in 16 weeks between May 13 & Aug 31. Additional sessions can be purchased if you complete your sessions before Aug. 31.

The calendar for this option offers the most available timeslots in comparison to the "Single Session" calendar.

Our most successful and satisfied mentees overwhelmingly choose this option.

(email/ text support between sessions)

PRICE: $999 for 10 sessions, purchase through May 31.

$579 for 5, purchase through June 30. 
10 Session Monthly Payment plan. 
Available up to May 31.

Make a monthly payment plan with me,

Contact me to set up a plan. Then, you'll be charged at the beginning of each month.

Please choose this option with reflection and discernment. Monthly payment plans offer more financial space and ease + allows people to join who otherwise couldn't afford it. This option can, however, be the most complicated in the long run. 

(email/ text support between sessions if we meet weekly)

PRICE: $333 per month. Available only through May 31.
One session at a time.
How often you meet is totally up to you. At least 3 sessions are recommended for this type of work.

Booking ends Aug. 15, appointments completing through Aug. 31.

Offers the freedom to be spontaneous, therefore the most expensive per session.

Calendar has less availability than the 10 session calendar.

Good if you're currently unsure of your Summer schedule, how much money you'll have to invest, etc.  

(no email/ text support between sessions for this option)

PRICE: $139 per session