Celestial Embodiment is a portal, a refuge and a return home. It's also a multimedia journey about exploring your own embodiment of the cosmos.

You've done the work on yourself and you know the spiritual theories.

Celestial Embodiment is a refuge where you can slow down and embrace your deepest wisdom, a wisdom already stored in your cells, shared by your ancestors and as old as time itself.

Join us by the campfire

We’re gathering the ones who know they’re made of stardust. The ones who can talk until 2am when the conversation is deep.  Who inspire others to grow infinitely. Who live in awe and aligned with natural rhythms.

Adventurers, Inquirers, Healers, Dreamers, Changemakers. And maybe you.

Celestial Embodiment

  • takes you outside to look at the sky (or imagine it from the comfort of your bed if you wish)
  • guides you through the cosmos while telling you stories and engaging you in myths
  • invites you deeper into your self
  • offers Yoga Nidra, mudra, somatic inquiries +  simple rituals
  • also offers creative prompts + thematic art and music recommendations
  • provides you with practical action steps to plant the seeds you collect into your actual life 

Follow the moon through her first circle around the earth

We start with the upcoming Astrological Lunar New Year, on the New Moon in Aries, April 15th.

We’ll follow the moon through a complete cycle (1 month) as it waxes to fullness, then wanes out of sight. (More details in chart below)

Curate your own adventure

You'll receive four email bundles timed with the four phases of the moon-- new moon, full moon and 2 half moons. 

Inside each bundle you’ll find a range of media such as:
  • audio narration & practices
  • video commentary
  • pdf's, visual aids & more 
You're free to curate your own adventure that is a little or a lot. Sample what piques your curiosity at any given time or design a weekly plan rich with ritual, meditations, movement, creative expression and skygazing.

How lightly you travel is up to you.


April 15 New Moon in Aries Beginnings; The Head; Intention
April 22 Half Moon in Leo The Heart; Willpower; Feeling/ Emotion
April 29 Full Moon in Scorpio The Shadow; Revelation; Depth
May 8 Half Moon in Aquarius The Future; Composting Something New/ Different
At each phase of the cycle, Kristina will set the astronomical & astrological stage by helping us visualize what's going on in the skies physically and symbolically, and how these principles might apply to our lives and connect us to our mythic/ archetypal selves-- those we're already working with and maybe a few new ones.

We'll pick up where Kristina leaves of with practices that help us ground this esoteric stuff down into our tissues to be alchemized and lived out through action. First, we'll focus on clarifying what we know and want in our minds. Then, we'll stoke the fires of our heart/ willpower to begin to feel what we know. Finally, we'll transform what we feel into what we DO, emotions and longings into concrete action. 

Bring your voice to the conversation

We’ll be exploring right along with you and would love to hear from you. We’ve created a special email portal for you to share with us along the way.

Each week, we'll share a helping of your insights and questions from previous weeks.

Rigor is not always the answer

We are curating a playful experience because we want this to feel GOOD-- to us as well as you. You might say Celestial Embodiment is a more feminine approach to change-making.

We need this kind of refuge and return home just as much as anyone, so we created it. We hope you’ll join us. 
Investment $222

A Cosmic Collaboration
between Tina Foster, Kristina Wingeier and YOU.