Pranayama- Deepen Your Shallow Breath

This might be the first ever free video I’ve shared with you? I’ve shared plenty of free audios, books and other media, but never a vid. So, I’m kind of excited.

(((It’s also kind of strange I’ve never shared a video because I’ve worked with film and video for years. Analog & digital.)))

Anyway, this vid is ::
— about 9 minutes long
— in black and white.
I show you how to ::
— bring conscious awareness to your breath
— throughout your torso

Are you a “shallow breather” whose breath reaches only to the bottom of your throat or top of chest?

If so, this video is 100% made for you!

Also, even if you aren’t a shallow breather, this video will help you be
— more aware of your breath
— not just all the way to the bottom of your belly
— but your whole torso– your sidebody and back as well

This practice is Pranayama, meaning it’s about very close observation of breath as A FORM OF ENERGY.

“Prana” is the Sanskrit word for “lifeforce”.

Energy is, after all, lifeforce in raw form. So, it’s very important to be aware of prana (lifeforce) and very advantageous to know how to work with it. 

Please let me know how it goes for you. I never tire of your reports and questions.

Here’s the vid.