1-to-1 | Small Groups


That's what private sessions are all about. 100% tailor-made to fit you like a bespoke suit.

What has brought you here?
What are your dreams?
How do you want to feel?
What are you ready to heal?

I'm inspired by your uniqueness as an individual. I love to work 1-to-1.

Here's what happens in your first session (and maybe beyond, depending on your situation).... 

We get together. In-person, on the phone, Skype, or Zoom for 60 (and in some special cases, 90 mins, as required).

We delve into the area where you most need or want support.

This is a co-creative process of practical magic using tools drawn from wisdom traditions, modern science and the unified power of our shared experience.

What You'll Get:
- If we meet virtually, you can request a RECORDING of our time together.
- You will be totally seen, heard, and held.  Just as you are.
- You'll gain CLARITY on what you actually feel, need and want.
- You'll gain scientific understanding about what is happening, what you're working on and why it works.
- Physical and/ or spiritual energetic practices and action steps to explore after the session.
- Access to my full tool box of resources, techniques, insights and wisdom.
- My ongoing love and support via email, if you need it or have questions, while you practice and work on said action steps.

If you'd like some of my time, love and attention, check out my calendar. You can book a session in less than five minutes.

Working with me ongoing....

You will learn a great deal about yourself-- even if our work isn't meditative, even if we're just working on strengthening your achey knees.

This I guarantee you, if, IF, you meet me at least halfway. Virtually everyone who works with me for at least a few sessions tells a story of our shared progress as "life-changing" or "eye-opening or "heart-healing".

I roll up my sleeves, partner with you in your self-healing.

I believe the 1-to-1 dynamic::
- to be the most instinctive and natural for me personally.
- the arena in which my work shines brightest. 
- is where I make the most impact in the world.

I also work with couples and small groups.
In my studio, virtually and occasionally elsewhere.

My private teaching experience dates back more than 20 years and is not limited to the discipline of yoga. I'm versed in a number of techniques that complement yoga practices. 

Here are a few examples:
  • Meditation & Visualization
  • Self-inquiry work
  • Thai Yoga and Massage techniques (especially the stretches)
  • Therapeutic Applications
  • Restoratives
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Work
  • Reiki Master
  • aromatherapy & sensory techniques
Ready to BOOK a private session? Or check out my availability?
"I was always amazed at how easily Tina tuned in to exactly what I needed for the session. She is one of the most exceptional teachers I have ever met, and I wholeheartedly advise anyone who gets a chance to experience her work."
Lisa Gallant