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Real Calm on the Job– Workplace Meditation Makes this Possible

Did you know I can come to your workplace IN-PERSON and help you de-stress?

Not only CAN I do it, workplace practices are one of my favorite ways to show up.


Because my success in workplace environments simply proves to me that the work I do is needed there. 

  • At any workplace, I find so many people who would have no other chance to try the nourishing, life-changing practices– such as heart-centered meditation, Yoga Nidra and breath work– that I share. 
  • Many of these people work 40++ hours, have long commutes and just a fraction of time to nourish themselves at all. So I LOVE coming to them. 

I love that some companies– including some of the biggest in the world– as well as start-ups and non-profits, value their employees enough to pay for their opportunity to grow, heal and deepen their lives.

Would you like to maybe have me at your workplace? Or would you like to know more? 

  • And here’s an article in The Huffington Post about some of this work I’ve done, which referred to as a “radical movement”. (You know I LOVE being called “radical”, especially when the radicalness is meditative, quiet and easeful.) 

Or maybe share this post with your boss or colleagues? 

I would love to be invited into the place where you do the work that inspires you, where you earn your living, spend so much time and give your best.

I would love to show up at that place and GIVE BACK. 

Questions? Hit me up.

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