Savasana Connoisseurs



- a question from The Universe


You're invited to stretch out on a mat,
in the grass, in bed propped by pillows.

On your back, on your side,
whatever feels good for your body.

To slowly explore & savor the subtler flavors
of Real Rest.
Alone, and with Others.


Oct 1 - 31 2019


A monthlong deep dive
into the Culture of Rest
with Yoga Nidra & Meditations
designed for lying down

+ Tips & Support
+ Community

Any and everywhere,
in a Virtual Setting


when was the last time you REALLY RESTED,
not because you were exhausted
but *just because*?
- rested, just because, without GUILT & SHAME?

Savasana Connoisseurs is a chance to indulge in the finer points of rest-- beyond mere relief from exhaustion.

Guided by Tina Foster, Savasana Connoisseurs is about...

-- resting deeply, sometimes sleeping, but also waking up...
-- ancient & modern ways to prepare the body for rest...
-- supporting your unique physical body & nervous system...
-- how to get comfortable enough to "drop in" to REAL REST...
-- discovering for yourself what REAL REST really is...
-- what to "do" with your mind & restlessness until REAL REST happens...

Beyond Self Care, there is Soul Care.


What you'll DO
A traditional "body prep" routine that you can do in a few minutes (or as an extended, deeper experience) before laying down to rest.

Practice rest as a way of waking up as well as going to sleep.

Self-practice with Tina's guidance on your own at home or anywhere, according to your schedule.

Practice with the group in a virtual setting.

Refine your self-care practices while opening to the support & liberation of REAL REST alongside others.

Learn how to support YOUR unique body comfortably, on your back-- or not-- and how to "work with" your own nervous system. 

Explore burning questions alone & with others. About Rest Culture & Yourself.
What you'll GET
1. Practices to keep (in a variety of media including .pdf, audio & video)

2. Group Practice Calls (with emailed recordings)

3. Support from Tina via email throughout the month

4. Opportunity for extra 1:1 time with Tina at a discounted rate

4. Inspiration & support from likeminded people through Community Discussion

5. An Understanding of the benefits of meditating laying down vs. sitting up

6. Insight into what Savasana is really all about below the surface of "just lying there"

All materials + recordings of practice calls are yours to keep forever.
What you'll LEARN
A very old (and rarely explored) methodology & movement practice that clears the body of surface tension-- even from places you might not even feel it.

What the frame & shape of your physical body really needs architecturally to be truly supported.

What your nervous system & energetic makeup really needs--  in order to feel safe enough to let go-- as well as confident/ trusting enough to explore beyond your conditioned "rest habits" and assumptions.

The Science of Rest, presented in an intriguing & accessible way.

What rest is as a skill + a reclamation of power drained from you over time by external forces such as belief systems and cultural conditioning. 

About "Rest Culture" and why it just might be the most basic + profound cultural shift currently emerging in our broader culture.
(Space is limited to make sure everyone is well taken care of.)


(Scholarships available for those with need. Just let us know where to send the info.)


Old & New ways to prepare the body for rest + explore consciousness.

Drawn from Yogic & Buddhist traditions + modern Western techniques.

Simple yet adventurous ways to help the conscious mind meet, understand + harmonize with the subconscious & unconscious.

Practice not just to feel better but as Rest Study. Practice as learning & growing, not just through instruction but your actual experience.

REAL REST is more than
just laying down in a quiet place...
It's about what happens after that.
- learn how to actually rest once you lay down


My Story about Rest
By the time I'd reached my early 20's, I was burned out. By the same things that burn us all out.

Things like not knowing how to work with stress & trauma.

Therapy helped, yet also sometimes left me feeling worse after the sessions were over.

I tried medication, which also helped, but also brought on new problems.

I tried meditation, but was too stressed at that time that I got frustrated and quit.

But I eventually learned to REALLY REST... 

Which was not about just laying down and closing my eyes for awhile.

Not about setting up a soothing environment, with the lights dimmed and soft music.

REAL REST is what happens after all these things happen.

Before I learned to rest, I'd lie down and that's when all the stress intensified. The To-Do's, the regrets, the overthinking, the should's. The guilt & shame (about resting).

Only when I began to learn to really rest + maintain boundaries around rest did I start to understand who I was as a person + why this life on Earth was not just worthwhile but also delicious, adventurous, mysterious & most significantly, loving.

I was finally getting the nourishment rest is meant to give.

What I got from this nourishment at first felt too good to be true. 

I began to feel called by life to be more curious & courageous, to explore beyond the place I grew up, the people I grew up with & loved, to dare to try things I had never been encouraged to try.

Now, I KNOW that in order to "fight the Good Fight" we have to know how to truly rest beyond just laying down & stopping the doing. Not just for relief from exhaustion, not just for restoration & rejuvenation.  
Relaxation Politics
In 2007, I began to make REAL REST my full time gig.

I'd been teaching yoga for years, with an emphasis on restorative & meditative forms.

My students were always talking about "sneaking away" to rest. How they'd find an empty room at work to close their eyes for 5 minutes. Or slip in a 10 minute nap while nobody else was at home. All the while hoping not to get caught!

(Is that rest? Come on now, we know better.)

Yet, we feel these stolen moments of rest are all we've got.

I noticed our entire culture felt guilty and sometimes even ashamed about resting. 

 I coined the term "Relaxation Politics" and adopted one of my teacher's phrases "changing the world 1 savasana at a time."

After that, I was hearing (with good reason) a lot about "disruption" -- of oppressive systems, for example.
How I Discovered Rest Culture
It dawned on me. Rest is a literal disruption.

No wonder "They" don't want us to do it!!

After that, I began to notice a slight change in the way people were talking about rest.

Now and then someone would talk about "sneaking in a nap" while also noting how outrageous it was that they had to sneak.

"I'm not lazy. I'm frikken exhausted. Why should I apologize?"

Enter, Rest Culture.

The missing piece of the RESISTANCE puzzle? Rest.

More and more, I'm hearing people fighting the good fight tell the person next to them. "Please take a break. We need you."

Activation, then relaxation. Just one or the other isn't going to do it, right?

Activation, relaxation, liberation.

The changemakers in this world know how to "fight the good fight" but many of these same changemakers don't know how to "rest the REAL REST" which is in and of itself an act of defiance & reclamation of power.

This is what I began to realize in my 20's: REAL REST didn't merely restore my energy to fight another day. REAL REST was the KEY, to my Conscious Liberation & a sacred boundary around my Personal Sovereignty.

REAL REST reconnects me to the Universe (The Ultimate Power Source) & the deeper truths of who I am.

Beyond the person anyone else thinks I am, or should be. 

Thank you for listening.

If these words resonate with you, think about joining us for Savasana Connoisseurs.

I can assure you that you WILL NOT be making any excuses to us about why you're resting.

When did you last REALLY REST,
not to get over exhaustion,
but as a way to
take back your power?
- a question from the Universe



Intro ourselves, get acquainted
Explore our basic practices that will lay the groundwork for the rest of our month together.

Week 2 & 3

We'll continue to learn, with new practices (various media including video & audio), tips & things to think about, like REAL REST,  our relationship to REST CULTURE. We'll also look into what we might need to UNLEARN. 


Meet again to regroup & unpack it all
Explore a comprehensive practice that's a delicious, nourishing distillation of all we've learned /experienced /shared. 

Both calls will be PRACTICE + COMMUNITY, 6-75 mins each.

Joyous & delicious - in addition to informative.

is an indulgence
meant to be available
to everyone.
- scholarships are available
just let us know where to send the info


Savasana Connoisseurs is first & foremost a treat.
Treating yourself is enough reason to join.

Come savor the subtler flavors of Real Rest.
Alone, and with Others.

Soul Care.
Collective & Mutual Care.

(Space is limited to make sure everyone is well taken care of.)