Meditation Mapping


MEDITATION MAPPING is my brand new online meditation experience.

Sept. 11 - Oct. 8
COST: $98
A few years ago I realized how many people in my community-- here in SF + worldwide-- KNOW how to meditate and how helpful meditation is, but still don't practice even a minute a day.

So, I began trying to figure out why. I started paying close attention to my own practice and experimenting with a few of my closest clients.

Long story short, we came up with Meditation Mapping...

A process that helps you figure out what kind of meditation you're actually going to practice + when, where and how you'll practice best.

MEDITATION MAPPING is a fun, creative way to design a practice finely tailored to your unique skill set, temperament and wishes/ needs.

Meditation practices are similar to clothing. They need to fit a particular person. And since no one is perfect, customization is necessary. No fit, no comfort, no practice.

Fortunately, learning MEDITATION MAPPING to create your own bespoke meditations is much easier than learning to sew!

After years of meditation mapping with clients + creating several meditation mapping products, I think we've worked out the kinks. The process works so well, I'm trademarking the term *Meditation Mapping*!
"Meditation Mapping is a one-of-a-kind experience that feeds you in a variety of ways, depending how you apply it and it never stops being useful. Anytime my practice goes stale, I map a new one." 
my first ever Meditation Mapper

If you choose to join MEDITATION MAPPING, here's what you'll do...

1. You can work as much or as little as you want. MEDITATION MAPPING flows out of your own life, choices and experience.

2. You'll use a guidebook I've made that asks questions and offers prompts to help you tap into what you really want from meditation. This guidebook isn't instructional. More like a journal that gives you space to uncover your feelings and nudges you along with loving suggestions.

3. The guidebook will lead you through the steps of mapping out the first meditation practice plan in your MEDITATION MAPPING experience.

4. Your practice plan might incorporate a meditation that you already like. Or one you think you'll like. If you don't have a practice in mind, there's a quick process to help you find one.

5. You'll journal about what happens during and after each practice. You'll adjust your meditation practice plan accordingly, based on your actual experience.  

6. As your practice progresses, you'll work through the guidebook again and again, noting how your experience and practice changes each time. You might try a lot of practices before finding one you want to work with longer term, or you might find one -- or several-- practices that fit you like a glove. 7. I'll help you adapt your practice for 4 weeks. 8. You'll also have other tools to help you along the way. You might complete the 4 week journey with the same basic practice, only slightly more tailored to fit you. Or you might end up with a completely different practice that in no way resembles the one you started with.

You'll also get...

-- the option to participate in weekly calls for 4 weeks (recordings of calls will be emailed to you)
-- receive my 1:1 email support for 4 weeks
-- access to videos, audios and other media I've made to inspire and support you
-- optional membership in a Facebook group for community support and discussion with others on this journey
-- my quality attention because I'm limiting the number of spots available + the guidebook with questions and prompts you'll work through is yours to keep forever

More about the guidebook::
-- It's in .pdf form, type your answers directly into the document if you like working digitally --OR-- print out to write in long hand --OR-- both.
-- The writing is simple and lighthearted.
-- The intention is to inspire your quest for your best self as well as your creative self.
-- DEFINITELY not another "How to Meditate" instruction book. No dogma, no agenda except to allow you space to do your work.
-- again, the guidebook is my gift to you and is meant to be used over and over.

Questions? Contact me. I hope you join this maiden voyage of the first MEDITATION MAPPING global group excursion. One more time, here's the link to grab a spot.

Does this sound fun? inviting? nurturing?? potentially effective?

Many people would say it's all of these.

MEDITATION MAPPING has already helped dozens of people to::
--- work with stress, anxiety and the unique challenges they face, such as an erratic work schedule.
--- give themselves permission to play rather than perform. --- find the self-confidence to experiment in their practice entirely on their own.
--- be less pre-occupied with results and outcome, and embark on a journey of discovery instead.
--- discover a practice they loved-- using the process of elimination and their innate willingness to explore, which I call INNER WANDERLUST or INNER ADVENTURE.
--- learn about themselves, the truth of who they are on the deepest levels.
"Beyond designing several meditation practices that I'll carry with me forever, I learned loads about myself and the technical side of meditation. I now feel like I can teach it."

Marcine P.errine 
entrepreneur & teacher, who practiced mapping for 2 months via Skype
Is this journey calling you? You can sign up here. We begin Sept. 11 and work together for 4 weeks. And remember, space is LIMITED.

I hope you'll be one of the first to embark on my first ever online group MEDITATION MAPPING experience.

This is INNER LIFE DESIGN. A practice tool to help you shift, flow, sculpt, dial in the inner life you're meant to lead. Plus, it just might be the coolest and most powerful tool I ever created. (No kidding.) Teachers, counselors, coaches and others who use/ offer meditation in their work will find inspiration, a treasure trove of knowledge as well as the opportunity to grow and deepen your skill as a meditation guide.